Tuesday, December 14th 2010

Gigabyte Also Intros HD 6870 OC Graphics Card with WindForce 3X GPU Cooler

Gigabyte also rolled out a new performance-segment Radeon HD 6870 graphics card that is optimized for overclocking, and is overclocked out of the box as well. The GV-R687OC-1GD from Gigabyte features the company's in-house PCB and cooler designs. The PCB looks to be around 10-inches long, and makes use of Ultra Durable VGA+ construction. The WindForce3X GPU cooler makes use of a large aluminum fin array and three 80 mm fans to keep the card cool.

The GPU is clocked at 915 MHz against reference speeds of 900 MHz, and memory at 1050 MHz (4200 MHz GDDR5 effective). The card features 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 256-bit wide memory interface. Display connectivity includes two each of DVI and DisplayPort; and one HDMI. Gigabyte did not announce its price.
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10 Comments on Gigabyte Also Intros HD 6870 OC Graphics Card with WindForce 3X GPU Cooler

Coweee 3 fans? I hope its nice and quiet.
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this card is huge!
and the 6990 will be even loooonger :D
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buggalugs said:
Coweee 3 fans? I hope its nice and quiet.
When I read a reviews on gigabyte cards that use this cooler, the noise signature is always reported as very quiet, if not one of the quietest... so I don't see a reason why not this time...
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bear jesus
This is going to be one very cool and hopefully quiet 6870.
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News Editor
915MHz,,,, that's it??? So are they gonna wait 6 months before they release HD6870 SUPER OVERCLOCK or something???
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I have a gigaybte 460 SOC and I don't hear it over my very quiet case fans. Also never goes over 60c. Great cooler and nice to see them using them on the 6870
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Bird of Prey
Is that the Arctic Cooling VGA cooler? This is a very nice looking card, Gigabyte really is making some headway with their cars these last few months. I tried to get my nephew to get one of their 5770s but he went with Sapphire...
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one word
cool :toast: i like the cooler, looks simple and serious :D
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Did anyone overclock more serious this card? V-mod? Better bios for OC?
Just wanna know, how far I can go.
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