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GIGABYTE Also Unveils the Xtreme Gaming XTC700 CPU Cooler

In addition to the Xtreme Gaming XK700 gaming keyboard, GIGABYTE also unveiled the Xtreme Gaming XTC700, a tower-type CPU cooler. Built to handle thermal loads of ">200W," and with support for LGA2011v3, AM4, LGA115x, AM3(+), FM2(+), and LGA1366; the cooler features an aluminium fin-stack with molded fins to maximize surface area for heat-dissipation; ventilated by a pair of 120 mm fans in push-pull configuration, capped off by a top-plate with an RGB LED-lit GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming logo ornament that supports GIGABYTE RGB Spectrum software control.

Heat to the aluminium fin-stack is conveyed by three 10 mm-thick copper heat pipes, which make direct contact with the CPU at the base. The included fans each spin at speeds ranging from 500-1,700 RPM, pushing 14-53 CFM of air, and with a noise output of 12-31 dBA. The fans feature 4-pin (PWM) power input, while the LED ornament plugs into one of your motherboard's USB 2.0/1.1 headers. Measuring 139 mm x 109 mm x 169 mm, the cooler weighs 1015 g. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Scythe Announces the Mugen 5 CPU Cooler with Kaze Flex 120 Fan

Japanese cooling expert Scythe presents the fifth version of the Mugen CPU Cooler, which has been fitted with significant improvements. The Mugen has been one of the most popular CPU coolers on the market for a long time. Scythe was able to ramp up the performance even further with Mugen 5 and at the same time equip the heatsink with a unique new fan. Supplied Kaze Flex 120 PWM fan features noise reduction rubber-insulators in the corners, dynamic fan speed range from 300 to 1.200 rpm as well as a brand-new Sealed Precision FDB bearing, allowing smooth and silent operation at all times.

Scythe's engineering team took the user feedback and applied it on the revamped design of Mugen 5! The heatsink of the Mugen 5 is based on 6 high-quality all-copper heatpipes and a solid aluminum fin stack. Great compatibility to tall memory modules is achieved thanks to the new asymmetrical design of Mugen 5. The solid copper base-plate has been placed slightly shifted for this purpose, instead of centered. In addition to that, several layers of the fin stack on the back of Mugen 5 have been shortened, to further increase RAM compatibility. Mugen 5 can easily fit into most PC chassis on the market, thanks to the total height of only 154.5 mm. In order to avoid corrosion and to improve the quality, all copper-heatpipes and the copper-baseplate are nickel-plated.

SilverStone Intros the 3 cm Thick NT08-115XP Ultra Low-profile CPU Cooler

SilverStone introduced the NT08-115XP, an ultra-low profile CPU cooler designed for media PC builds, and replacement for stock coolers. This top-flow cooler measures 101 mm x 101 mm x 33 mm (LxWxH), and is made of a copper-cored aluminium heatsink with forked, spirally-projecting fins, ventilated by a 10 mm-thick 80 mm fan that spins between 1,200-3,400 RPM, pushing up to 5.64-15.98 CFM of air, with a noise output of 16.5-28.98 dBA. The cooler is designed specifically for Intel LGA115x series CPU sockets (LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1150, LGA1151), and can handle thermal loads of up to 65W. It features a push-pin type retention mechanism similar to those found on Intel's stock coolers. The cooler is expected to go on sale on the 8th of December.

MSI Gaming Core Frozr L CPU Cooler Unveiled

MSI announced retail availability of the Core Frozr L CPU cooler. This tower-type air cooler features an aluminium fin stack that projects upwards from the base at a slightly offset position. This is to clear up room south of the CPU socket in a typical motherboard, and also to clear up room near the memory slots. The cooler measures 140 mm x 155 mm x 84 mm, and weighs 960 g.

The cooler features four 8 mm thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes that draw heat from the base, and convey them along eight points in the fin-stack. The topmost fin features a groovy MSI Gaming die-cast metal plate. The included 140 mm Torq-X fan spins between 500-1,800 RPM, pushing between 19.79 - 71.27 CFM of air, with a noise output of 17.2 - 33.6 dBA. The cooler can handle thermal loads of up to 200W. It supports most modern CPU socket types, including AM4, LGA2011v3, LGA115x, LGA1366, AM3(+), and FM2(+).

Single Slot HIS RX 460 Slim-iCooler OC 4GB Surfaces

HIS, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, is set to offer a slim solution to the RX 460 series: the HIS RX 460 Slim-iCooler OC 4GB. HIS will be the first board partner to offer a single slot RX 460 which carries a condensed version of their in-house 'iCooler'. The RX 460 Slim-iCooler OC can maximize your rig's performance by providing the possibility for gamers to upgrade their rig without compromising space.

Carrying the product code HS-460R4TCNR, the card features a metallic fan shroud, a strong lion image and does not require the use of a 6-pin PCI-E power connector. The Slim-iCooler utilizes 0dB technology, where the 50mm fan will only start to spin up when the GPU temperature reaches 60 Degrees C. The GPU boasts a modest factory overclock and runs at 1220 MHz while the memory speed is unchanged at 7 Gbps.

As it stands there is no word on pricing or availability, and the product page is currently inaccessible. A cached version can be found here.

Antec Announces Four New CPU Air Coolers

In the year of their 30th anniversary, Antec Inc., a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, is presenting four new models of CPU Air coolers. The new air coolers are designed for compatibility with leading desktop processor sockets and supports Intel Core i7 Extreme, and AMD Sempron. Straight Touch copper coated heatpipes provide full contact to the CPU and allow for more efficient heat transference.

The A30, A40 Pro, C40 and C400 are now commercially available at a price between 15 Euros and 40 Euros. The budget-friendly Antec A30 features a 92 mm blue LED fan for ultra-quiet operation. The aluminium fins with a size of 43 x 86 mm offer a larger surface area for efficient heat transference. The push-pin mounting system and included thermal paste allow for a fast, simple installation. The A30 offers and retails at a MSRP of 14 Euros.

Thermalright AXP-100H Muscle and the Narrow ILM Mounting Kit Now Available

Introducing the AXP-100H Muscle and the Narrow ILM Mounting Kit. With the AXP-100H Muscle, Thermalright offers a slightly modified version of the HTPC "Value" cooler, which is aimed primarily at price-sensitive fans of compact coolers. The AXP-100H Muscle has been heightened a little bit in order to ensure, that it fits for example on the Asus "Republic of Gamers" Maximus VIII Impact motherboard, with its higher VRM-coolers.

Due to the higher distance between base and heat sink, the cooler is only 7 mm higher than its predecessor. Still, the AXP-100H "Muscle" is just 51 mm high (or 65 mm with the fan included). The most striking feature of this powerful cooler thus remains the particularly low profile. As such- due to the higher distance between base and heat sink. The compact cooler is predestined for HTPC systems or minimalistic work computers.

LEPA Announces the NEOIllusion CPU Cooler

LEPA presented the working prototype of NEOllusion at Computex 2016; this unique RGB cooler instantly became a fascinating eye-catcher for its vivid luminance and impeccable RGB lighting effects. After 6 months of product improvement, LEPA now announces the launch of NEOllusion, the world's 1st remote controlled RGB air cooler.

Unlike most of the peers using LED fans to light up coolers, NEOllusion is designed with LED lighting strips on both sides of the heatsink to create one-of-a-kind illumination effects. On top of that, NEOllusion features a remote control, which allows users to control and adjust the color, brightness and lighting modes. The remote control (effective range up to 3 meters) is included and the operation is very simple and intuitive. No app or software is required; therefore no need to bother with complicated documentation and cumbersome installation any more.

XIGMATEK Announces the Tyr SD1264B CPU Cooler

XIGMATEK today unveiled the revised Tyr (SD1264B) tower-type CPU cooler. The Tyr is features a common aluminium fin tower-type design, with narrower fins towards the bottom of the stack for better clearance around the CPU socket. The cooler features four 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes that make direct contact with the CPU, conveying heat through the fin-stack.

Ventilating the XIGMATEK Tyr is its included 120 mm fan which takes 4-pin PWM power input, spins between 600-2,000 RPM, and pushes up to 59 CFM of air, with a noise output ranging between 28-38 dBA. The included "speed adapter" (a shunt with the resistor) reduces fan speed by half. The fan's frame is fitted with red LEDs. The cooler supports sockets LGA115x, AM3(+), and FM2(+). The company didn't announce pricing.

Thermalright Unveils the TRUE Spirit 140 Direct CPU Cooler

Thermalright today announced the TRUE Spirit 140 Direct, the latest version of its best-selling tower-type CPU cooler. Built on the proven TRUE Spirit 140 platform, the new cooler features a revised base in which the five 6 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat-pipes make direct contact with the CPU. The five heat-pipes pass through points in the aluminium fin-stack that are evenly distributed.

The fin-stack itself is just 77 mm thick, although is taller, holding on to larger 140 mm fans. The included fan takes in 4-pin PWM power input, spins between 300-1300 RPM, and pushes up to 125 m³/h of air, with a noise output ranging between 15-21 dBA. The cooler is capable of handling thermal loads of up to 200W. Measuring 152 mm x 77 mm x 161 mm, the heatsink weights about 760 g. The fan adds about 26 mm of thickness to it. The cooler supports all modern CPU socket types, including LGA2011v3, LGA115x, AM3+, and FM2+. Available now, the TRUE Spirit 140 Direct CPU cooler is priced at 37.99€.

Thermaltake Intros its Sandia-inspired Engine 27 1U Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Remember the Sandia CPU cooler concept from 2011 which never really saw the light of the day? Thermaltake drew a few design cues, and launched the Engine 27, a low-profile CPU cooler with the heatsink-impeller design. As with Sandia, the Engine 27's design involves a metal heatsink base that makes contact with the CPU, which conveys heat to a motorized fan-shaped moving heatsink suspended along an axle and conductive lubricant. The rotation of this moving heatsink dissipates heat. To give Thermaltake credit where due, the company took the concept a notch above and gave the base-plate a static aluminium channel heatsink of its own, so the exhaust from the heatsink-impeller takes in some additional heat on its way out.

The Thermaltake Engine 27 derives its name from its 27 mm height (meets 1U spec), and probably the fact that it looks like the core of a jet engine. The company is still claiming pretty benign noise output figures of 13-25 dBA, depending on its speed range of 1500-2500 RPM (pretty neat for a 60 mm fan). Measuring 27 mm x 91.5 mm x 91.5 mm (HxWxD), the cooler weighs about 310 g, and supports LGA115x sockets (LGA1156/LGA1155/LGA1151/LGA1150). The fan supports 4-pin PWM power input. The company didn't reveal pricing.

SilentiumPC announces Fortis 3 HE1425 v2 CPU-Cooler

SilentiumPC has announced the Fortis 3 HE1425 v2 CPU-cooler which is a much cheaper version of the award winning Fortis 3 HE1425 Malik Customs Edition. Despite a much more attactive price the Fortis 3 HE1425 v2 is still offering the same cooling performance. Engineered to achieve optimal balance between heat dissipation and airflow it uses five high performance heatpipes transferring heat efficiently to 38 aluminum fins. In terms of styling the Fortis 3 v2 has a black top with black caps sealing the heatpipes.

The former properties of the cooler remain otherwise unchanged. The asymmetric high performance cooling body consists of aluminum fins and heat pipes, which have a direct contact to the processor and form the basic framework. For the corresponding heat dissipation there is a quiet Sigma Pro 140mm-PWM-fan included. The in-house Pactum PT-2-thermal paste also comes in the package.

Be Quiet! Introduces the Silent Loop Series AIO Liquid Coolers

Be Quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for ten consecutive years, today introduces its line of Silent Loop All-in-One water cooling systems. Through the use of an innovative decoupled reverse-flow pump, Silent Loop delivers high-performance cooling at a minimal sound level, guaranteeing quiet, efficient cooling for overclocked and high TDP CPUs in high-power computer systems. To ensure compatibility with all types of performance-heavy PCs, be quiet! offers three different Silent Loop models.

Be Quiet! equips its Silent Loop All-in-One water cooling system with a decoupled pump designed to reverse the cooling circuit. Liquid is drawn in from the outside over the cold plate, then transported through a second layer on the inside of the radiator. This innovative solution operates the pump at a low 2,200 revolutions per minute, noticeably generating less vibration and noise than other conventional AIO coolers.

Scythe Announces the Byakko CPU Cooler

Japanese cooling expert Scythe announces a new addition to the tower-design CPU cooler line-up. Scythe Byakko is a compact cooling solution with a total height of mere 130 millimeters, which fits in virtually every PC case. Great compatibility is assured thanks to the asymmetric alignment of the base-plate and the heatsink. Byakko is equipped with Scythes Slip Stream 92 PWM fan, offering a wide speed range for different purposes. User friendly and fast mounting of Byakko on both Intel and AMD Sockets is accomplished thanks to the supplied mounting clips.

Scythe Byakko was designed with the aim to fit into most PC cases on the market and to offer maximum compatibility to tall memory modules as well as VRM heatsinks. All this is possible thanks to the compact dimensions of 102 x 130 x 84 mm (W x H x D) and the new asymmetric design of the heatsink. Three high-quality copper heatpipes with 6 millimeter diameter are connecting the solid copper base-plate and the aluminum fins-stack heatsink. Both the copper-heatpipes and the copper-baseplate are nickel-plated in the final process, in order to avoid corrosion and to improve the quality.

Be Quiet! Intros the Pure Rock Slim CPU Cooler

Be quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for ten consecutive years*, extends the Pure Rock range with a new, compact cooler model: due to its space-saving and asymmetric design, the Pure Rock Slim is especially suitable for smaller PC-based systems. Nonetheless, be quiet! has not lost sight of cooling efficiency: the new model can dissipate up to 120 watts of power. As always for the Pure Rock series, offering an optimal price-performance ratio is key.

The Pure Rock Slim is equipped with a finned coil block, which has three high-performance heat pipes. These have a diameter of 6 millimeters and are fitted with aluminum caps. The Pure Rock Slim is also equipped with a 92-millimeter fan so this compact cooler is capable of dissipating a TDP of 120 watts. The seven airflow-optimized fan blades produce a maximum volume of 25.4 decibels. Thanks to the PWM connection, the speed can vary in order to achieve an optimal balance between cooling and quiet operating noise.

Cooler Master Announces Master Air Maker 8 CPU Cooler

Cooler Master announced availability of its Master Air Maker 8 high-end CPU cooler. Designed to offer cooling performance rivaling 240 mm AIO liquid-cooling solutions (according to the company), this cooler features a large central aluminium fin-stack, to which heat drawn from the CPU by a 3D Vapor-chamber plate, is conveyed by eight 6 mm thick copper heat pipes, two of which are an extension of the vapor-chamber plate itself.

A pair of red LED-lit 140 mm fans in push-pull configuration ventilate the heatsink. These fans spin between 600-1,800 RPM, pushing up to 66 CFM of air, each. The typical noise output is rated a between 8-24 dBA per fan. Topping it off is a "monolithic" industrial design, including a tinted acrylic top for the heatsink. The cooler is game for all modern CPU socket types, including LGA2011v3, LGA115x, AM3+, FM2+, and upcoming AMD sockets. Measuring 145 mm x 135 mm x 172 mm (WxLxH), the cooler weighs 1.35 kg. The cooler is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Scythe Announces Availability of the Kabuto 3 CPU Cooler

Japanese cooling expert Scythe announces today the third version of the famous TOP-Flow-CPU-Cooler Scythe Kabuto. Scythe engineers have revamped the heatsink design as well as the heatsink structure of the Kabuto 3 and incorporated a hybrid heatpipe system. This hybrid system consists of two 6 mm and three 8 mm high-quality copper heatpipes. Compatibility to high-end memory modules has been an important aspect when designing the Kabuto 3, which is a big advantage compared to the predecessor.

Scythe Kabuto 3 CPU Cooler has been fitted with a matching Scythe Glide Stream 120 Millimeter fan with the model number SY1225HB12M-CIP. The Glide Stream fan series is equipped with a redesigned small center hub as well as fan blades. Hence allows the reduction of air resistance and therefore lower operating noise. The PWM-enabled 120 mm fan operates in the fan speed range from 300 to 1.400 rpm, offering sufficient airflow from 21.96 to 113.34 m³/h (12.93 ~ 79.0 CFM) at noise levels from 4 to maximum 28.0 dB(A).

SilverStone Unveils an AIO Cooler with 160 mm Fan

SilverStone unveiled an AIO liquid CPU cooler with a fascinating 180 mm x 200 mm radiator, and the largest fan we've seen on an AIO cooler, at 160 mm with 15 mm thickness, the Tundra TD05. The idea behind this contraption is to offer cooling comparable to a 240 mm x 120 mm radiator, with a single fan that spins at moderate speeds. This cooler could be ideal for cases with large 160-200 mm fan vents along the side-panels. We doubt you'll come across a case with front/top panels with such big vents.

ID-Cooling Unveils the ICEKIMO 120 White AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

ID-Cooling unveiled one of the first all-in-one liquid CPU coolers that's almost entirely white. The ICEKIMO 120 White by ID-Cooling sees not just the pump+block assembly and the fan decked in white, but also the coolant tubes, radiator, and radiator fins. The only contrasting black parts are the power cables and the retention module. While LEDs are studded in the pump-block, and the included SF12025 fan. The cooler is game for thermal loads of up to 150W.

Antec Also Intros the Elegant Single and Elegant Twin CPU Coolers

Besides its stand-out Elegant Triple heatsink, Antec also introduced its Elegant Twin and Elegant Single CPU coolers. The Elegant Twin measures 88 mm x 142 mm x 156 mm (LxWxH), and is a D-type heatsink featuring two aluminium fin stacks. It includes one fan, which sits between the two fin-stacks, spinning between 800-1800 RPM, pushing up to 65.23 CFM of air, with a noise output of up to 25.9 dBA. The Elegant Single, on the other hand, features a single aluminium fin-stack, which is slightly thicker than the stacks found on the Twin and Triple. The heatsink measures 69 mm x 142 mm x 155 mm, and includes a single fan, with the same specs as the one included with the Twin.

Antec Intros the Elegant Triple CPU Cooler

Antec innovated one of the rare few W-type aluminium fin-stack CPU coolers, featuring three nearly symmetrical fin-stacks, the Elegant Triple. This cooler features three vertical fin-stacks with aluminium fins (with the exception of one variant with exposed copper fins), and features two 120 mm fans in the gaps between the three fin-stacks in pull-push-pull-push configuration. The cooler can mount two more fans on the ends of the heatsink.

The heatsink measures 165 mm x 142 mm x 159 mm (LxWxH), and is available in three color options for now - dark nickel, red, and golden copper. The former two feature aluminium fins, the latter appears to feature exposed copper. The included fans spin between 800 to 1800 RPM, pushing between 12.36 to 65.25 CFM of air, with a noise output of up to 25.9 dBA (each).

Antec Intros Mercury Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

Antec introduced the new Mercury line of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers. Available in three sizes, the Mercury 120 (120 mm x 120 mm radiator), the Mercury 240 (240 mm x 120 mm radiator), and the Mercury 360 (360 mm x 120 mm radiator), the series is built around a new pump+block by Antec, which is said to feature higher coolant pressure, lower-fan noise, and a unique power input, which lets you either plug it to a 3-pin fan header, or SATA power (through an included adapter cable). The pump-block also features three LEDs, which indicate coolant temperature. Blue indicates <48°C, green indicates 49-60°C, and red indicates >60°C. Each of the included fans take PWM input from the pump-block, and spin between 900-1800 RPM, pushing up to 73.31 CFM of air, each.

Be Quiet! Silent Loop Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers Revisited

We first spied the Silent Loop series AIO coolers before its official unveiling on the Computex showfloor. We strolled through the Be Quiet! booth again, this time to picture the three up close. So here you have it, the German cooling, casing, and PSU maker's first AIO liquid cooling solutions. Available in three radiator sizes - 120 mm x 120 mm, 240 mm x 120 mm, and 280 mm x 140 mm, the coolers feature a square pump+block with a nickel-plated copper base. Be Quiet! is bundling its premium PureWings 2 PWM fans with these coolers. It's also backing them up with generous 3-year warranties.

Cooler Master AIO MasterLiquid Pro Series Detailed

Cooler Master introduced a new line of all-in-one liquid coolers, under the MasterLiquid Pro series. Available in two variants, the MasterLiquid Pro 120 (120 mm x 120 mm radiator) and the MasterLiquid Pro 240 (240 mm x 120 mm radiator), these coolers feature a unique (patent troll-proof?) design for the pump block, which sees the pump separated yet attached to the block in a way that maximized coolant pressure onto the block. This lets them lower the pump speed and hence lower the noise output. Cooler Master refers to this as the FlowOp Technology. These coolers will include MasterAir Pressure series fans.

Cooler Master Intros the MasterAir Series CPU Air Coolers

Cooler Master introduced the MasterAir series CPU air coolers. The lineup consists of seven products, three under the MasterAir series, and two each under the MasterAir Pro and the premium MasterAir Maker 8 series. The MasterAir lineup comes in three variants based on heatsink and fan-size, the MasterAir 2, MasterAir 3, both of which feature 92 mm fans and MasterAir 4 (120 mm fan). The MasterAir Pro lineup features chunkier heatsinks, with two products, the MasterAir Pro 3 (92 mm fan) and the MasterAir Pro 4 (120 mm fan). Leading the pack is the MasterAir Maker Pro 8, featuring a large heatsink with a pair of fans in push-pull configuration.
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