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Gigabyte G1.Assassin G1-Killer Series LGA1366 Motherboard Towers High in XL-ATX

The second motherboard part of Gigabyte's G1-Killer series apart from the recently detailed G1.Guerrilla is the G1.Assassin. Also an LGA1366 motherboard based on the Intel X58 + ICH10R chipset, the G1.Assassin ropes overclockers into the equation. While the Guerrilla has more in for gamers (and support for up to 3 graphics cards in multi-GPU), the Assassin boasts of a strong CPU VRM, an arsenal of overclocker-friendly features, support for up to four graphics cards in 4-way SLI/CrossFireX, while retaining the gamer-appeal. Unlike Guerrilla, Assassin is an XL-ATX motherboard, retaining the same green+black color scheme.

It features the same 16-phase CPU VRM configuration found on the X58A-UD7 (rev 2.0). The four PCI-Express x16 slots are connected directly to the X58 northbridge, apart from one PCI-E x1 and a PCI. USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb/s are standard features here, too. Like the Guerrilla, it features Bigfoot Killer 2100 hardware NIC. The audio, however, is different. While Guerrilla merely uses an HD audio CODEC backed by X-Fi MB software, Assassin uses an actual CA20K2 processor that can perform hardware mixing over OpenAL in Windows 7 and Vista. The audio processor has its own 64 MB of memory, and the Killer NIC reportedly having 1 GB of DDR2 dedicated memory. A rich array of electrolytic capacitors gives the audio a more natural tone. The Assassin is also expected to have overclocking capabilities on par with the X58A-UD7/UD9 leviathans.
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Hey, that board looks freeking loaded!!!!
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Killer NIC oh please, nice looking board though, think it will be up there with the UD9 pricewise, whos gonna sell their granny for one of these badboys? :D
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Ugh..Tacky and Fugly looking...Definitely not feeling the "clip-sink"
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I would have thought that looked awesome back when I was a kid, but then I also would have had no idea what it was.

It feels like they're trying far to hard to appeal to...whoever the hell they're trying to appeal to. I'm sure it runs lovely though.
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A heatpipe? Well damn, you won't be able to replace that hideous POS sink. On another note do all GB boards not have efi? Or just the lower end ones?
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Depending on the price, this might be soemthing worth looking at, but as far as looks go, it FUGLY!
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Wile E
Power User
I'm guessing this thing will cost a small fortune, as such, those that can afford to buy it, can likely afford to change those stupid-ass heatsinks. I'd go with a nice EK wb, personally.
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anyone spotted some electrolyte capacitors?
please tell me that my eyes are deceiving me :banghead:
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nINJAkECILanyone spotted some electrolyte capacitors?
please tell me that my eyes are deceiving me :banghead:
They're just for the audio part, very high-end special thingies apparently...
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Sabishii Hito
Glad I scored an open-box UD9 from NewEgg this week, I don't see this board taking the X58 crown away from it.
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