Thursday, February 3rd 2011

Koolance Intros High-Flow 120 mm, 184 CFM Fan

Enthusiast PC cooling expert Koolance introduced its latest product, a 120 mm high-flow fan for cases, air-coolers, and radiators, but we're inclined to think it's designed to let users make the most out of smaller 2-fan radiators. The FAN-12038HBK-184 from Koolance measures 120 x 120 x 38 mm, it draws power from a 3-pin fan header and includes speed monitoring. With a top-speed of 4,000 RPM, the fan can push 184 CFM of air with a rated maximum noise output of 59 dBA. Since it spins at tremendously high speeds and uses a high amperage motor (2.0A), Koolance cautions its users to use a grill along with it, as its blades pose a safety hazard. At $11.99, the Koolance FAN-12038HBK-184 is relatively affordable compared to similar fans from Sanyo-Denki/San-Ace, Delta, PanaFlo, or Yate Loon.
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Some small 110 CFM deltas on a H50 works quite well but as some say its loud
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bear jesus
blibba said:

That's a damn good point. How is one supposed to regulate the speed of these things?
I have been looking around the places i shop and the only thing i can find that could handle them is the "mCubed HFX 112 T-Balancer miniNG Fan Controller"

Look at the monster heatsink

For just a fan controller i consider that a huge heatsink :laugh:
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You could just get a pot. Or undervolt to 7v or just use what you got
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bear jesus
cdawall said:
You could just get a pot. Or undervolt to 7v or just use what you got
There is many options if you are willing to make something yourself but i have gotten very lazy so i would rather buy something pre made :laugh:
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MxPhenom 216
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theonedub said:
Price is good, as long as it plays nice (no clicking) when on a controller I'll pick up a couple.
yeah thats what i was thinking. if it undervolts well it might be pretty good!
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That's a lot of fan for a very small price most fans in that CFM range are 20-30 dollars.
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HillBeast said:
I have a Koolance fan on my CPU rad in my computer, and it's a monster. By far the most CFM I've ever seen in any fan (but it's friggin noisy). If this thing is supposed to be 24W, I think it might actually rip a whole in the fabric of the universe with it's airflow.

EDIT: Should also mention, that I agree with needing a fan grill. I have gotten my finger jammed in my Koolance and it took a far chunk of skin off.
same here with the scythe ultra hi flow 3000 fans in my old cosmos case ,went to check on the cpu cooler stuck my poor finger in the wrong area....blood everywhere,That was 3ooo rpm i could imagine the damage this 4000 Koolance could do ouch even more pain.
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lol i wonder if this is what they used to make that old RCA commercial with the old man?
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