Monday, February 21st 2011

Spire Announces Juno Portable and Ergonomic Laptop Cooler

Spire Corp announced the Juno. The Juno is an ergonomic laptop base stand and cooler, it is the perfect travel companion when often working on the road or at different locations. The Juno is a great product to make working on your laptop more comfortable. The gentle slope, made by foldable rubber pads reduce the neck strain and comfort screen viewing. The Juno accommodates small mini- and larger 15.4 inch laptops by extending the side bars. When folded in the total size is only 22x9x2cm, easily fitting your laptop or carryon bag. Equipped with a 7cm cooling fan your laptop is silently cooled whilst working. The Juno is the perfect portable choice for mobile computing from Spire – Powered by Innovation.
Main Features:
  • Gentle slope reduces neck strain and improves typing comfort
  • Extended non-slip protective pads on the base and top
  • Active cooling by one 70mm silent USB powered fan
  • Portable & small, easy on the go and working on the road
  • Stylish, lightweight and innovative structure design
  • Telescope bars accommodate 7- to 15.4-Inch laptops
  • Extends the life of laptops and battery efficiency
  • Backed by 3 year limited service warranty
Compatibility: The Juno ergonomic laptop stand and active cooler is compatible with the smaller mini- and larger wide-screen laptop series from 7-inch up to the 15.4-inch.

MSRP: USD 27.99 / EURO 22.95

Product Includes: * Multilanguage Owners Manual ; Attached USB cable ; Warranty registration card.
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4 Comments on Spire Announces Juno Portable and Ergonomic Laptop Cooler

A big m'eh. But for the price, I think it's good enough. Looks like it is made of cheap plastic.
btarunr said:

Main Features:
  • Gentle slope slightly reduces neck strain and does not improve typing comfort that much
  • (...)

Fixed. :D
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Performance Enthusiast
I used to work for a place called Dicksmith Electronics in Australia, and this looks almost exactly the same as a cooler they made themselves that was cheap and nasty. admittedly this looks like better build quality.
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these external coolers are usually completely useless.
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DigitalUK said:
these external coolers are usually completely useless.
I beg to differ, they actually do work. However the cheap generic alternatives usually are much better value.
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