Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

Super Talent Intros CoreStore Line of PCI-Express SSDs

Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced their CoreStore line of SSD solutions designed to bring a new level of performance to the SSD market.

By combining the very latest Marvell controller (88NV9143), new DDR ONFi 2 flash and plugging directly to the PCIe bus, Super Talent is now able to create two solutions that deliver unforeseen performance.
Available in two standard formats, mini-PCIe and PCIe Card, Super Talent has a drive to fit many popular applications. The mini-PCIe card (30mm x 50.95mm) is perfect for embedded applications, Industrial PCs, All-in-One PCs, Netbook PCs, Notebooks. Don't have a min-PCIe slot, Super Talent also offers a version of this product that will plug directly into a standard PCIe card slot; perfect for any Desktop PC.

"By utilizing our relationships with both first tier controller manufactures and DDR flash manufactures, we are able to create innovate solutions such as the CoreStore SSD and offer them to our customers before anyone else"., CH Lee COO of SuperTalent.

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9 Comments on Super Talent Intros CoreStore Line of PCI-Express SSDs

Interesting, nice numbers and possibly worth it. Wonder about price for a 1xPCIE.

Also, that guy's gotta go. They need to hire someone who can speak clearly and market their product better.
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Anyone else not "blown away" buy these numbers? :confused:

What am I missing here? My C300 does 376 MBps reads. Although the writes for the SLC version @ 220 MBps does seem impressive.

Are these numbers good cause its a PCIe/miniPCI interface, as opposed to SATA 6Gbps? I'm not up to date on PCIe/miniPCI interface SSD numbers. :p
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The miniPCIE will be killer, imagine pairing it with a E350 fusion netbook, supposing you got a free miniPCIe slot. In a laptop would be easier, If I'm not wrong, just by taking out the 56k modem would be it.
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Performance Enthusiast
mmmm SSD's all over the shop are getting better and better, pci-e ones like this are fast becoming more affordable, and even sata 3 ones are ripping fast.

H2 this year just might be my time to get my first SSD... or two and raid them....
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Completely Bonkers
Peter Carcheni, or whatever his name was, ... nice guy, pace and tone of delivery, and info/sales approach. Top marks.

Product looks amazing... but will performance scale with an 8 chip memory design? If so, I want their bigger model.

They are clearly targeting the enthusiast/consumer rather than enterprise markets, so prices should be good. April looks good for SSD.
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SvB4EvA said:
Anyone else not "blown away" buy these numbers? :confused:
I think what he means to say is that once formal pricing gets announced we will be Blown away.

As far as I know the importance of only 4 chips is that these drives will be far cheaper than the drives we presently see - so although the numbers may not break any world records - as far as I understand it we may see these drives launching at less than half the price of present drives that match those stats.

Or so that's what I've heard.

So basically THAT'S where the Blown Away is supposed to happen - Time will tell
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^ That. New controller and less chips giving numbers that we're used to, but at lower price.

So hopefully it's easy to grab multiples for more speed! I have no spare x4, x8, or x16 slot for the faster/larger PCIe SSDs, but do have two open x1.
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Velvet Wafer
Indeed, if the price is right, this will probably one of the first SSDs, that are finally affordable. And therefore mindblowing.
They took a few years to make them faster... now they take some time to make them cheaper.
I ask you: why not?;)
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