Monday, March 14th 2011

AMD FX ''Zambezi'' Processor Box-Art Revealed

Here are the first box-shots of AMD's upcoming series of high-end desktop processors, under the FX series, referred to as "Zambezi" by the company, internally. Zambezi is based on AMD's newest Bulldozer architecture that improves instruction per clock-cycle (IPC), and packs the latest industry standard instruction sets. As stated in an older article, AMD will not assign a brand-name (such as Phenom or Athlon) to name its high-end desktop processors, but will instead refer to them as "FX" processors. To that extent, the processors will even feature a logo that resembles that of AMD Radeon to a very large extant.

AMD designed two iterations of box-art each for its FX eight-core and FX quad-core processors, puictured below. The processors look to be shipping in cuboidal paperboard boxes, very much like AMD's processors already do. The art looks very "energetic" and makes use of the AMD "arrow" motif pointing in the top-right direction. The background in each iteration is distinct, one shows splashes of red (eight-core) or orange (quad-core), the other shows flow of red/orange. It's interesting to note that all boxes denote Black Edition with its unlocked bus multiplier feature, leading us to speculate that unlocked multiplier could be standard issue with FX series processors. Also shown is the second generation TurboCore technology support, and AMD's claim to be selling the first eight-core processor [in the consumer market]. AMD's FX processors will be released to market in June.

Source: NordicHardware
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kid41212003 said:
ETA Pricing: $800-1k?
That's the price for the entire system.
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kid41212003 said:
As far as i remember, the Athlon 64 x2 4800+ for socket 939 and some of the old FX models was released with the price tag around 1k usd.

EDIT: WOOT! It's still on sale...®ion=en-us
Yeah. AMD has stated on several occasions that the performance she be on par with 2600K. That means which ever one of the processors they are referring to in that statment will br prices similar to the 2600K, which is around $320. So unless they were referring to the FX-4110 quad core in that statement, I don't see any Bulldozer initial released process going beyond $550.
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i love the design looks pretty light and new than the previous one, maybe AMD with their new box design wanna show that they have more power to challenge intel
i guess its a break through design and it opens new battle area: real multi cores processor
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"unlock and loaded"
Unlock to 8 cores anyone?
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