Wednesday, April 13th 2011

PowerColor Readies Radeon HD 6990 LCS Water-Cooling Ready Graphics Card

PowerColor is readying a new high-end Radeon HD 6990 based graphics card that's prepped for water-cooling, the PowerColor LCS HD 6990. Sticking to its LCS tradition, the new HD 6990 from PowerColor comes with a full-coverage water block made by EKWB, the EK-FC6990 pre-installed. The card sticks to AMD reference design PCB, and even uses the reference back-plate to cool memory chips on the reverse side of the PCB. The EK-FC6990 cools all heat-producing components on the obverse side, including the two Cayman GPUs, memory chips, VRM, and bridge chip. PowerColor's LCS HD 6990 is expected to come with out of the box overclocked speeds, and one can expect a hefty price-premium, taking the price closer or beyond the US $800~850 mark, or beyond.

Source: DonanimHaber
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13 Comments on PowerColor Readies Radeon HD 6990 LCS Water-Cooling Ready Graphics Card

Dats a nice waterblock......GIMME
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Looks yummy, and they use EK :toast:
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TPU addict
No HDMI connection :(.. Although that block looks cool.
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Very sexy, even though it's more expensive in my opinion at this performance level liquid cooling is the only way to go. All the noise is gone, they clock better/run more stable and because the gpus stay very cool end up using less power (the card it self). Looks like a really nice card!:rockout:
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hope this is there in the next TPU giveaway... :P
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I think TPU should just give these away to all TPU members
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If I win big at poker night maybe I'll get one. If I do, I'll have to upgrade the rest of my system though. A Phenom 2 @ 3.6 would likely seriously bottleneck one of these bad boys.

Nice looking water blocks, and if I'm not mistaken, single slot.
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yup, single slot. A friggin long single slot :eek:
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The Watchful Moderator
Very smexy looking card:)
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