Tuesday, April 19th 2011

Hitachi GST Extends Your Personal Cloud

Delivering solutions that better fit your increasing mobile and connected lifestyles, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) is expanding its family of external storage and backup solutions with its new line of Hitachi Touro Pro desktop and mobile external hard drives. Delivering two levels of protection--local backup and cloud storage, the Touro Pro line is an all-in-one solution to help protect, transport and store your photos, music, videos and documents for easy access from anywhere.

Coupling online storage and local personal storage is vital in today's mobile world. Your personal content and the public cloud are converging. Right in the middle of this is you. Your content. Your personal cloud - the stuff you want access to, from anywhere - online and from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or external drive.
Back it up, then beam it up
In addition to providing simple local backup, the Touro Pro family's online storage option ensures your data is always protected and accessible in the cloud. With Hitachi's intelligent storage solutions, you can access and share files from any web browser, tablet or smartphone - even from an iPhone and iPad using our apps. When using the cloud service, all content is stored in its natural format (no proprietary formatting), so files are easy to view, download and share from any web browser, anywhere. You can even share your online content with others by sending a web link.

Every customer receives 3GB of online storage for free and for more storage there is an option to upgrade to a quarter of a terabyte (250GB) for only $49 per year, which includes multiple computer protection. Upgrade to a paid account and receive the Apple iPhone or iPad mobile digital device apps for free.

The Hitachi Touro Pro local backup software was developed in-house by our team of engineers. With a few clicks, the drive's default setting will backup your photos, favorite music, videos, and documents from your computer directly to the drive. Once installed, backups run quietly and automatically every 30 minutes. And, it's flexible enough to schedule custom backups on a time or day that's convenient for you.

"Unbound by convention, Hitachi GST was the first to blend personal storage with cloud backup. We're liberating our customers from the limitations of today's technology and giving them free reign about where they store and how they access their digital content," said Mike Williams, general manager of Hitachi GST Branded Business Group. "Our new intelligent storage products and services continue to redefine how we connect to our content - while providing data protection, simplicity and ease of use for just about anyone."

Pricing and Availability
Featured in a sleek piano black design, Hitachi Touro Pro drives are easy-to-use with desktop and mobile solutions that cover virtually every Mac or PC users' storage and backup needs. For simple add-on storage expansion only, Hitachi is offering a family of Hitachi Touro mobile and desktop solutions. The Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro and Touro Mobile drives are now available. The Hitachi Touro Desk Pro and Touro Desk versions will ship in June.
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Interesting that they are still releasing new products and services, considering they have been purchased by WD.
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pr0n Inspector
I demand a reduction in GST, future PM of Canada.
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