Thursday, April 21st 2011

PowerColor Officially Launches First HD 6850 Single-Slot Graphics Card

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, today announces the first-to-market video card: the PowerColor HD 6850 single slot edition. The first available HD6850 single slot edition aims to fulfill the desire of performance and multi-function seekers when space is a premium.

The PowerColor HD 6850 single slot edition clocks in at 775MHz core speed and 1000MHz memory speed; accelerating gaming speed with 1.48 teraFLOPs of computing Power. The slim HD6850 can maximize the rig’s performance in a single slot design, allowing a 4 way CrossFireX layout that delivers an out-of-box HD gaming experience like no other.
The PowerColor HD6850 single slot edition also takes advantage of PowerColor’s Platinum Power Kit, utilizing 100% SMT type components: Volterra, Poscap and Proadlizer, enhancing the stability and efficiency for top-tier gaming performance. Furthermore, the latest edition uses the exquisite thermal design, mounting 3 units of 8mm heat pipes with a full cover cooling plate, dissipating heat from its large pure copper base. These features enable a cool entertainment experience when space is at a premium.
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8 Comments on PowerColor Officially Launches First HD 6850 Single-Slot Graphics Card

News Editor
I'm still waiting for the no 6pin 75W HD6850s.
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That's odd, most 6850/6870 cards only have one crossfire connector and thus can only do a two-way crossfire setup.

Mayhaps this is also the first quad crossfire capable 6850 and Techpowerup overlooked that fact?
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Nice. Now what we need iz similar versions of these but GTX 560Ti, would be great for folding...^_^
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These will be good for people with mobo's that have daft PCIe x16 slot configs that cover other slots if duel slot coolers are used, like me and my Asus M3A32MVP-Deluxe I can only access 2 pcie x16 slots because of stupid placement
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