Tuesday, May 10th 2011

EVGA Rolls Out 3 GB GTX 580 HydroCopper 2 Graphics Card

EVGA released a 3 GB (3072 MB) variant of its top of the line single-GPU graphics card, the EVGA GTX 580 FTW HydroCopper 2. It significantly lower clock speeds than the original 1.5 GB variant, of 772 MHz GPU, 1544 MHz CUDA cores, and 1002 MHz (4008 MHz effective) memory, against the 1.5 GB variant's 850/1700/4196 MHz (core/CUDA cores/memory effective). The card comes with a Swiftech-made EVGA HydroCopper 2 full-coverage water block pre-fitted, along with an EVGA GTX 580 backplate. The water block makes the card truly single slot, with the company replacing the double-slot bracket with a single slot one. The 3 GB EVGA GTX 580 FTW HydroCopper 2 is priced at US $739.99, a $40 premium over the 1.5 GB variant.
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9 Comments on EVGA Rolls Out 3 GB GTX 580 HydroCopper 2 Graphics Card

why drop the clocks on a factory watercooled gtx580?...if anything it should be higher clocked...even if it ha double the memory. Does that mean this will be priced fairly competitively in comparison to a reference design 580?...Loving the looks though.
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nevermind, jumped the gun and didn't see the pricing at the end of the article.
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Why should anyone care about lower clocks? EVGA´s warranty isn't void because of overclocking. =P
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good point, but if it was factory overclocked it'd be more likely to sell more units imo. Will be interesting to see how well this one overclocks :)
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Performance Enthusiast
IMO companies like Asus and MSI should take their DCII and Lightning ranges respectively and waterblock them for us.

I see it as kind of a waste to waterblock a reference board, when there are much better ones out there that could benefit from watercooling all the more.
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the waterblock in the last FTW was contricting as a sith's grip. Hope these are better.
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If it wasn't ~$2200 would be sweeeet to get three of these in triple sli. I believe thats what(580 triple sli not the waterblocked versions) rendered the Unreal next gen demo.
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Dr. Nick
Now if only eVGA started making AMD cards. I'd love to see an 6970 like this.
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Those reference boards for the Hydro-copper series are just fine, unless I got very lucky I'm pretty sure they use very highly binned chips and end up clocking better than the non-reference boards. My GTX 480 does 985MHz core and 1970MHz shader which is better than most of the non-reference board with super VRMs and whatnot, even when watercooling them as they hit their limit not due to heat already. These waterblocks work so well at these extreme speed mine doesn't get over 46C even in summer during all day/night gaming sessions.
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