Tuesday, July 12th 2011

RunCore Releases Trio of SandForce-Driven mSATA SSDs

Chinese memory enterprise flash memory expert RunCore released a trio of solid state drives (SSDs) in the mSATA form-factor, that includes the high end T50 with its 6 Gb/s interface, mid-range I50 and entry-level Lite series, both of which have 3 Gb/s interfaces. The T50 uses SandForce SF-2218 controller, and can provide transfer rates of up to 550 MB/s reads with 470 MB/s writes, with 4K random read and write performance of 60,000 and 35,000 IOPS, respectively. Despite its tiny form-factor, the RunCore T50 comes in capacities of 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB, and even 480 GB; priced at US $198, $358, respectively for the 60 GB and 120 GB variants, with the upper variants' price yet to be disclosed. This makes the RunCore T50 480 GB look like the ultimate mSATA SSD.

The I50, on the other hand, looks to be using SandForce SF-1200 controllers, with transfer rates of 280 MB/s read and 270 MB/s write, with 4K random read/write performance of 45,000 and 30,000 IOPS, respectively. The I50 is available in 60 GB and 120 GB capacities, priced at $178 and $380, respectively. The RunCore Lite runs on SandForce SF-2141, and and is a low-cost, low-capacity SSD for OEMs, which means that retail availability is uncertain. The 16 GB variant is priced at $28, and 32 GB one for $38. The mSATA form-factor is prevalent in embedded systems, ultra portable notebooks, certain media players, and even some consumer motherboards that support Intel's Smart Response technology.
Source: Tom's Hardware
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Those writes are unbelievable (seriously).

My 32GB PATA Mini-PCIe drive tops at around 65MB/s write, and that's a huge improvement over the stock 16GB drive that tops around 35MB/s.
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Velvet Wafer
would be the dream of every netbook owner, if that speeds are realistic;)
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