Wednesday, July 13th 2011

Cooler Master Cosmos II Pictured

Here are the first pictures of the Cooler Master Cosmos II, the next major version of the iconic PC case that solidified its maker's brand in the premium casing segment. The Cosmos II retains its trademark rail-suspended box shape of the original, and combines it with a wealth of features that became industry standards towards the end of the last decade. The Cosmos II is mostly black in color, and is curvier than the original. It's about the same size as Cosmos 1000. From the pictures, we can see that the case is airier, with gill-shaped intakes on the side panels.

The front features a feature-rich utility panel on the top, that includes USB 3.0 ports with standard headers, eSATA, and feather-touch buttons and LEDs. A sliding visor covers the external drive bays, once slided down, three 5.25" and two 3.5" bays are exposed, the bays have tool-free covers. Don't let the fact that there are just five exposed bays for a full-ATX case disappoint you, inside the case you will find no less than 11 internal drive bays arraged along two groups. Each of the bays take 3.5" drives, the tool-free drive trays can accommodate 2.5" drives such as SSDs, too. The lower group of bays is compartmentalized with a lid that can hold two 120 mm fans, while the upper group relies on the front-intake fans.
The PSU bay is roomy, padded to absorb vibrations, has a large intake for the PSU fan, and valved cutouts at the right spots to guide cables through. Then there's the spacious motherboard tray, which can even hold XL-ATX form-factor motherboards with 10 expansion slots. There is a wide opening behind the CPU socket area, suggesting that the board is game for even dual-socket motherboards such as the EVGA SR-2. There are plenty of holes to guide liquid-cooling tubes. The case has a number of spots you can install fans in, apart from the usual front intakes, rear exhaust, and top exhausts, there are side intakes, and intakes for the drive bays.

Update: Our sources tell us that Cosmos II will be available in the markets by late September or early October.
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This case looks like an improved Silverstone TJ07
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Looking very good for a pre production model. The cosmos anyway had a lot more plastic compared to the atcs. I can easily see a 360 and a 240 rad going in there with minimum mods and there seems o be airflow channels at the bottom as well. The USB ports do look a bit off, but I guess the final version should be better
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looks like i have the my next Case found......
has plently of room for radiators , well lets wait for the review, if that´s quiet positive i head for it..... it´s time fpr a new rig :rockout:
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random said:
This case looks like an improved Silverstone TJ07
Has the insides of a Temjin but the looks of the Cosmos S. Ive got em both :rockout:
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This could so easily be a really nice looking case, but they really messed up the port section on the front.
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Is there a picture floating around of the left side panel or is it the same as the right side?

Looks like I might need to gather some coins together so I can get this once it comes out. Looks nice.
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arnoo1 said:
how is the airflow, the first cosmos had a bad airflow right?
Some underpressure problems maybe caused by the many outlet fans and just one inlet fan. But I'm very happy with my cool and silent Cosmos 1000 and will probably stick with it as long as ATX compatible components are made. :toast: Not a good LAN rig thou since only Chuck Norris is able to lift it.

Cosmos S has better airflow but I don't know if it has more noise than the cosmos 1000.

This cosmos II looks too sci-fi to me :wtf:.. wouldn't really blend in with the rest of my gear.. can't wait to read some reviews.
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Nice looking, but no way I would pay $200!
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i hate that case .. haf x is better than this.........
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Post updated with availability info.
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:rockout: Me want one hard looking at at ...Oh i`m a cooler master ho ....
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thats the most good looking cooler master case i ever seen for my eyes
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tasty :)

I love my Cosmos S personally, but this with the black interior, cable routing options and huge interior space is tempting... may just give my cosmos S to my girlfriend and get one of these in sexy yellow like the pic above :D
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Its a frackin cylone :respect:
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twicksisted said:
I love my Cosmos S personally, but this with the black interior, cable routing options and huge interior space is tempting... may just give my cosmos S to my girlfriend and get one of these in sexy yellow like the pic above :D
That is a modded case. I doubt CM will sell a gold-colored Cosmos II. You can expect matte-black, piano-black, and silver+black. And just maybe white+black.
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yesterday maximum pc posted an article about this pc case. This case is f***ing awesome and I want one now.
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Those exposed tacky cheap looking font panel connectors kill it for me, I hate them and atleast on my Cosmos S I can cover them up.
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Finally, a case with more than 4 front USB ports and no useless FireWire port! If it has hot-swappable HDD bays it's a certain buy for me.
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(to me) It looks like the bottom two 5.25 bays appear ready for hot-swap.
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
My opinion is that its ugly...
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It's one of the most impressive cases ever.
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ERazer said:
i bet ppl already thinking ways to mod this hehe

case looking good
My first thought was that they forgot to paint it.
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Would look much better with a cover for the front ports. Better if there would be few ports (mic+headphones+ 2x USB 3) exposed all times, and the rest under a push-down cover. For sleek look, mic+hp should be on center.

Or a push-down cover with three steps:
all covered / mic + hp + 2x USB 3 / all uncovered
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Bird of Prey
I want it too and still want the Corsair 850D case. :)
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Sept. almost gone and still no news anywhere.:confused:
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