Monday, August 1st 2011

Put TechPowerUp in your Pocket with New Mobile Version

Feel the need to keep up with the latest on TechPowerUp on the go? Carry something a lot more compact than a netbook? We've got you covered. TechPowerUp Mobile is now live and stable for mobile users. The new mobile site is specifically designed with small screens and low bandwidth in mind, and features a minimalist, yet functional interface to grab the latest news, reviews, forums, and browse through the "Today's Reviews" section. To access the mobile page, simply point your mobile's web-browser to, and it will redirect you to the mobile site. You can disable the auto redirect, customize how the site displays to you a little. The mobile site is designed to scale its elements to fit smartphone screens of most sizes.
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42 Comments on Put TechPowerUp in your Pocket with New Mobile Version

Just tried it out on my mobile - it's nice and snappy and the size of the links makes it nice and easy to click - great job :)

I tried it on a Nexus one running gingerbread 2.3.4 with the stock browser.
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Just tried it with my HTC Arrive with WP7, looks nice.
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Looks great on Droid2 (Dolphin browser)...

How about the forums being the same way?
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Cool though I think I noticed this last week? Don't check with my phone often...
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
I checked it with droid 1 w/ project elite gingerbread and opera mini

Works good
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Can't post using the front page.. I had to use the forum instead.

Nexus s
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Wrigleyvillain said:
Cool though I think I noticed this last week? Don't check with my phone often...
We've been testing it.
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mwah i don't like mobile versions, for some reason they work like shit on my iphone 4, i like the desktop version to much xd
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i go try it on my HTC disire finaly TPU on my mobile
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for some reason they work like shit on my iphone 4
LOL the only dude that has major issues has an iPhone4...

That tickles me :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

But I agree, with modern smart phones that browse the web like a tiny PC, I dont go in for mobile sites.
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Like font size on my evo still swith back to desktop version to post. Thought I missed something when it loaded automaticly. About a week or so ago. On the web on my phone more than desktop. All in all its pretty smooth
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nice, ill give this a try on my optimus v
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Last time I checked on my Droid X, it was up and running in mobile, I swear that was 2 weeks ago. Looks good, but I typically jump to the full site ...for sites that allow it.

Kudos for doing this and also the redirect option!
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^ yea i've been using it for a while now, its great on my Atrix 4G
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Nifty thing! Works great on my ancient 6630 w/ opera mini. Will be using it more due to my dead rig... Posting from mobile now.
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works perfectly on iphone 4g :)
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I was actually using this yesterday and the day before. The forums were last and the final piece that made the mobile version of the site complete.
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Works great on Nokia C7 / Opera
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To infinity ... and beyond!
YAY! We finally have a mobile version.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
who do we have to thank for this?
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I tried it on my Nokia E62 running latest opera mini. Excelent job!

I couldn't log in to post an answer but I can read the whole threads on the go without making my old nokia explode.
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Easy Rhino said:
who do we have to thank for this?
As always, W1zzard.
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This is very handy, TPU now works on my PSPgo, thanks Wiz...^_^
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Fully compatible with my iphone 4, I love this during work!! Thank you Wizz and staff who put so much effort into this.
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