Monday, September 5th 2011

Samsung's Portable DVD Writer Doubles Up As Wireless AP

Samsung Electronics unveiled a new portable DVD writer drive that can be networked, and wireless at that. The Samsung SE-20BW can join your wireless network, or start one by working as a wireless access point (AP). As an access point, it can be used as a standalone NAS to serve data on optical discs to your PC, smartphone, and tablet. There's a USB 2.0 port that takes in an additional USB mass storage device, such as a portable hard drive or USB flash drive, and lets you share it along with the optical disc over the wireless network. The drive can stream DVDs to all DLNA-compliant consumer electronics device, such as HDTVs.

As an optical drive, the Samsung SE-20BW reads DVDs and CDs at 24X speed. It writes DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-R discs at 8X. DVD-RW, double-layer DVD+R and double-layer DVD-R discs are written at 6X. DVD-RAM discs are written at 5X. CDs are written at 24X. Measuring 140 x 21.5 x 200 mm, this network-attached optical drive is quite pocketable, if it isn't for the power adapter it lugs. Market release is expected in early 2012.

Source: VR-Zone
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5 Comments on Samsung's Portable DVD Writer Doubles Up As Wireless AP

odd combination of hardware, the DLNA streaming is snazzy tho.
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That is kind of bizarre but cool. I hope it comes in a different color, like black.
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Awesome if it is reliable.
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TPU addict
I hope you don't have to press that button on the front to hard or the unit's going keep moving all the time.

Looks cheap to me even if it was black it be still look cheap'n'melted.
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