Friday, October 14th 2011

DangerDen Announces Q20 Black Series Case

The color cases options are back at Danger Den with the new Q20 Black Series Case! The Q20 has standard color options for the top and bottom panels as well as the front and back grills. Now you can easily match your case color to your planned modding theme!

The front grill allows the Q20 to have an air filter that can easily be removed and blown off, keeping the dust out of your case! The internal fan shroud can be configured to mount 120mm or 140mm fans. If you want to liquid cool you can match the radiator to the fans.
Do you want to show off your top of the line video card? You can also have the case configured in the “BTX” form factor. If you spend that much money on a video card and liquid cooling block you want people to see it!

The case stands at 20.75” tall x 7.3” wide x 18.2” deep (527mm x 185m x 462mm). It supports up to four 3 ½” internal drives, three SSD drives, and two external 5-1/4” drive bays. CPU air coolers of 5.5” (140mm) are supported also.

Stay tuned for a video walk through as well as more photos of the colors and options. Give us a call (+1 503-458-6548) or email (through our support system) with any questions!
The full product specifications and links are on the following page. Pricing starts at $269.99.
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11 Comments on DangerDen Announces Q20 Black Series Case

I am going to admit upon first glance at this case that I had mixed feelings. my mind started to go back to my early PC building days when I was into all of the bling, lights and side window hype. then my senses kicked in and said wtf is Danger Den thinking... this case is ugly
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Yuck, I wasn't a huge fan of DD before but now I have a much better reason not to like their cases.
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I kinda like the case, only the thing i want is a 140mm exhaust fan, maybe btx with window on left(normal side)
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Jack Doph
It seems DD is slacking off a bit with this model.
It looks OK-ish, but it's undersized and the attention to detail isn't there so much anymore.
Just as an example: the screws are the standard ones, instead of using black ones.
Little touches like that throw-out the entire look of case for me, and indicates a lack of attention to the aforementioned details..

I like how the colours react to lighting at different angels though =)
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Danger Den is like one step above Thermaltake and this case sure shows that...

Though I did just install some of their Feser 3/4" OD white tubing and it seems as good as anything else I've used in the past.
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This case looks like it came straight out of 2003.
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Drooolllllll! not the best looking but still, I so want one!
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Dedicated TPU Cruncher & Folder
Really plain jane at best. Not bad looking, but as others have stated it is older looking. I would maybe try one at $90 but frigging $270!!! Are they out of their fricking minds? Hell a person could probably build one for under $100.
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It does appear to be well crafted and they are not a giant company like coolermster or antec that can mass produce units for cheaper.
That's why they are so expensive.
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The Jedi
Whenever I look at a new case, I look to see if it has eight card slots. This allows 3-way SLI or four graphics cards to be installed with one card at the end hanging off on certain motherboards. And really it's not important that I have to be upgradeable to 3/4 cards, but I dunno, I know some Thermaltakes and Lian Li LanCool cases have this, and I just like the idea that I could upgrade that far. The look, the design isn't really my thing, but I do hope it does well for them and I hope to see better cases from them in the future.
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