Thursday, January 5th 2012

AOC Develops a 22-inch USB-powered Monitor

Having already released a 15.6-inch display (the e1649Fwu) that gets both signal and power via USB, AOC is upping the ante this year and at CES 2012 it will showcase a bigger USB monitor. Named e2251Fwu, the display in question is just 10.6 mm thin and features a 22-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) panel, an LED backlight, a 5 ms response time, a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1, a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m2, a removable stand, and, of course, USB connectivity.

The e2251Fwu will ship in February and will cost $199.
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7 Comments on AOC Develops a 22-inch USB-powered Monitor

Now that's pretty cool if you ask me.
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The e2251fwu was already announced in June last year - back then, it was rated for 200cd/m2, 5ms and 1000:1 contrast.

250cd/m2 sound pretty, pretty unrealistic for a monitor that's only supposed to consume 2.5 watts - a 11" laptop screen eats more power. :wtf:
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I would like a 21" 1920x1200 or x1440 on USB. It would make a great do dock for a laptop. Not much point offering a resolution that isnt any better than most laptops except for "wall of screens" for marketing purposes.
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while i may never use one of these screens, the tech to lower the wattage used benefits everyone in the long run.
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Well, where are the wattage numbers?
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I have an AOC 18,5 " display on my kid's rig, I swear to god I don't see any difference in IQ when compared to my 24" VA Benq. The displays are very good, IMO, next time I buy an LCD for myself I'll be sure to check AOC's line. Plus it looks damn sexy with LED technology and separate power source, it's iPhone-thin.

This new development is really cool, to do away with that bulky power cable and the external supply altogether... Looking forward to it getting some adoption.
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If it gets the signal from USB, I assume one needs extra drivers and so on. So probably this screen will only work with Windows, not with Linux or BSD (unless AOC supports it or allows others to writye drivers) or Mac OS (unless Apple buys AOC screens and provides them with their logo).
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