Thursday, January 5th 2012

Intel Atom D2550, N2650, N2850 on the Horizon

Last week, Intel launched its third-generation Atom processor platform for netbooks and low-power PCs, codenamed "Cedar Trail", with mobile variants including the 1.60 GHz N2600 and 1.83 GHz N2800. Earlier, it launched its low-power PC variants, the 1.86 GHz D2500 and 2.13 GHz D2700. As a result of a slip-up, Intel disclosed a three new models in the datasheet (PDF) document of the new Atom series. These include the new 1.70 GHz N2650, 2.00 GHz N2850, which will likely replace the N2600 and N2800 in the future; and the D2550. This chip is clocked identically with the D2500, but has a faster iGPU, clocked at 640 MHz, up from the 400 MHz iGPU the D2500 packs. Since this chip is designed for low-power PCs, its power characteristics aren't of that much concern as its N2000 series cousins.
Source: MyDrivers
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News Editor
I was hoping for more from INTEL. Sadly AMD's Bobcat successor got canned to can this round too.
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bobcat successor was canned because there is no competition from intel against current generation amd chips on this market.
amd will be releasing even better chip a little bit later this year.
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