Thursday, January 12th 2012

The Level 10 M Mouse by Thermaltake and BMW Designworks

This must be the coolest high performance mouse to be seen in some time. The Level 10 M mouse designed by Thermaltake and BMW is being introduced at CES 2012. Featuring a very high tech design, the shape can be physically adjusted to fit optimally in the palm of the hand by turning a screw on the top. It also features a perforated skin, to help deal with sweaty palms better during intense gaming sessions. The release date and price are yet to be announced as are more detailed specifications such as the tracking technology used and the DPI resolution.

The mouse was exclusively shown to Tom's Hardware.
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29 Comments on The Level 10 M Mouse by Thermaltake and BMW Designworks

Moderator & WCG-TPU Captain
It should be 1/2 price... there's only 1/2 a mouse there :laugh:
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I'm the only one
I actually do like that too. Though i wouldn't want to get my fingers trapped in it.
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that picture is not a mouse Morgoth, it's a power tool from Einhell
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your quite a smart ass its meant to be sarcastic
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