Thursday, January 26th 2012

Google To Supply 27,000 Chromebooks to US Schools

Google has just struck a deal that will see it supply 27,000 Chromebooks to schools in the US states of Iowa, Illinois, and South Carolina. Rajen Sheth, Google's leader of Chromebook work for business and education announced the deal in a speech at the Florida Educational Technology Conference. "We now have hundreds of schools across 41 states that have outfitted at least one classroom with Chromebooks," he said. This is a particularly significant development, as Google is nurturing its future market base, and facilitating the evolution of computing devices from bloated Wintels to efficient Chromebooks that run off the cloud.

Source: C|Net
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4 Comments on Google To Supply 27,000 Chromebooks to US Schools

when will they start distribution in PK
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Would like to know how efficient a cloud-based OS can be when the internet connection is crap, or nonexistent. There's a good reason OS have been locally stored, if you have no internet connection for whatever reason, you don't have a useless lump of plastic and tech sitting in front of you that can't do anything. Imagine you were writing your dissertation our something and your internet connection dropped. Suddenly your device is incapable of allowing you to finish it until a connection is regained.
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With Anonymous running rampant and constantly attacking with every little move from any government they see a little bit not to their liking, having your stuff put solely on online servers is not a really good idea. Sure they have limits like NOT attacking their means of communication like Facebook, Twitter, Apple or Google but idealistic groups tend to splinter into factions. These factions in the end will attack everyone.
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I may not agree that this was a smart move on the schools behalf, but all I can say is that google is going to take over the world you just wait.
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