Thursday, January 26th 2012

Scythe Rolls Out KAGEMUSHA3 Illuminated Keyboard

Scythe released a new value illuminated keyboard in its home market of Japan, the KageMusha3. The keyboard connects to the system over USB, and packs a USB hub. It is a common-membrane type keyboard, with LED illumination for the keys. This particular model features orange and blue color LEDs, which can be switched between, brightness adjusted, or turned off altogether. It features a standard QWERTY+Japanese layout with 109 keys in all. Its key pitch is 19 mm, and stroke (travel) is 4 mm ±0.5 mm. The keyboard measures 467 x 174 x 24 mm (WxDxH), its height can be raised to 37 mm with its stand. It weighs about 775 g. Shipping in August, the Scythe KageMusha3 will be priced at 2,480 JPY (US $32).
Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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8 Comments on Scythe Rolls Out KAGEMUSHA3 Illuminated Keyboard

Curse you Scythe, for a second I thought it had Cherry clears.

As it is, it seems to be nothing more than a plain old keyboard with backlighting?
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For $32 bucks I'll pick one up.
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I like the layout, since i use arrow keys for games. I hate keyboards that have that section crammed together... Also for the price of $32, it's really affordable. Hell, even i might think about it. I just wonder what kind of multimedia keys are available. I need them badly.
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it`s looks like my brother`s microsoft sidewinderx4
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$32 for an illuminated keyboard...hmmm. I may just wishlist this for later.
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Looks like a plain rubber dome keyboard. Actually this looks like the OCZ Alchemy Elixer Keyboard i used to use, it has similar key caps which where not the greatest to type on.
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It looks good, too bad its not laptop like scissor keys but oh well, flat keys ftw.
I just happen to already have gotten a new keyboard recently so ill pass... for now ;).
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$32 is priced to sell. Glad they understand today's economy. I think I'll be getting one.
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