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CharaChorder Announces Availability of CharaChorder Lite Multistroke Keyboard

CharaChorder LC has just started shipping a new product which was Kickstarted at +1000% funding almost one year ago. The CharaChorder Lite is a simple yet powerful twist on the traditional keyboard. In addition to the ability to output individual characters, users can also press many keys together simultaneously to output entire words or phrases in a single keystroke. This ability allows users to type faster than is physically possible on any other keyboard! For example a user can chord "word" by simply mashing w+o+r+d simultaneously instead of typing out w, then o, then r, then d individually.

Though the devices have just started shipping, multiple users have already broken their all time personal records using the device, reaching speeds as high as +250 WPM. (The average qwerty user's speed is only 40 WPM) This is especially noteworthy, because the mission of CharaChorder is to raise average human text transmission speed to 250 WPM. This speed, which corresponds to the average adult's reading comprehension speed, is also how CharaChorder defines 'the speed of thought'.

Faze Clan Expands Into Gaming Products With Renowned Electronics Brand Ducky

Today, FaZe Clan, Inc. ("FaZe Clan"), the lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture, announced a collaboration with Ducky, a leading manufacturer in professional mechanical keyboards and high quality PBT material keycaps. This collaboration signifies FaZe Clan's expansion into gaming products and electronics with its first FaZe-branded keyboard, giving FaZe and Ducky fans a tech experience that can only be achieved through a convergence of these industry leaders. The limited-edition collaboration will first be available in-store on the opening day of The Armory, FaZe Clan's immersive gaming lounge and retail pop-up experience located on Fairfax & Melrose in LA on May 14th. The Armory will be open on Saturday, May 14th from 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM and Sunday, May 15th from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM. Additionally, the FaZe Clan x Ducky collaboration will be available for sale online on May 15th at 12pm PT at The FaZe Shop.

The two well-known gaming brands link up to present the FaZe Clan x Ducky One 3 Mini, a mechanical keyboard designed to perform during your most intense moments. The compact 60% form factor allows for ample desk space for wide sweeping mouse arcs. Unique block style keycaps are equipped, which take inspiration from the design language of architectural concrete to give the keyboard modern and stylish energy. The keyboard is hot-swappable and features Ducky's exclusive "Quack Mechanics" that aim to provide users with a satisfying typing experience. Its translucent casing and double-shot keycaps allow RGB lighting to shine vividly while maintaining lasting durability.

SCUF Gaming Partners with Coca-Cola to Create Limited Edition Gaming Peripherals

SCUF Gaming, creator of the high-performance gaming controller category (NASDAQ:CRSR), today announced a collaboration with Coca-Cola that features a run of limited-edition SCUF Reflex Pros, SCUF H1 headsets, CORSAIR K65 keyboards, and CORSAIR mouse pads. These specially designed products, including the custom designed SCUF Reflex Pro Byte, are inspired by Coca-Cola Byte, the latest product from Coca-Cola's new global innovation platform, Coca-Cola Creations.

"We're known for innovation and the power of connection that we bring to our products. This opportunity with Coca-Cola and the Byte collection offers our community uniquely designed products at the intersection of creativity, gaming and culture." said Diego Nunez, Vice President of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR. "We're thrilled to partner with Coke on such an exciting launch and hope they enjoy these limited-edition items."

Angry Miao launches CYBERBOARD Terminal Mechanical Keyboard

On April 27, 2022, Angry Miao officially released CYBERBOARD Terminal, a new custom mechanical keyboard inspired by Terminal. It also marks the first time a translucent integrated Gasket Mount is used in a mechanical keyboard. The official retail price of the Base Kit is 600 USD, while the Bundle (engraved and non-engraved) is priced at US $810. CYBERBOARD Terminal will be available worldwide through Angry Miao's official website ( in limited quantities, starting April 28, 2022 at 10:00 am (PDT).

Terminal is the control window into the virtual world, and has been widely used in numerous sci-fi film and television works. Unique elements such as the blinking underscore in command-line interfaces, the digital rain and the black and green dynamic lighting effects are all deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. CYBERBOARD Terminal uses custom made semi-transparent black PC material that doesn't require painting. This improved production process is not only more eco-friendly, but also ensures higher stability and greater durability.

JamesDonkey Announces RS4 Wireless RGB TKL Keyboard with New Gateron Pro 2.0 Switches

JamesDonkey is a fairly established peripheral maker based out of China with an unfortunate but catchy name, and has been known to provide good value offerings when it comes to keyboards, mice, headsets etc. The company reached out to us about its new TKL keyboard that JamesDonkey aims to make globally accessible courtesy vendors such as Mechkeys, and I thought it was worth talking about here at least—if not do a full review. The JamesDonkey RS4 is a new take on a feature-rich TKL mechanical keyboard with wired USB connectivity in addition to Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless options. There is a side-mounted multi-function wheel for volume and media playback, and a 4000 mAh battery helps with the available 16.8 M per-key RGB lighting too. It comes stock with two-tone PBT keycaps as well as Gaterons' new Pro Yellow 2.0 switches that promise a buttery smooth typing experience. The JamesDonkey RS4 is up for pre-order now at $79 and is expected to ship in May for those interested.

Mountain Launches the Everest 60 Modular Gaming Keyboard with a 60% Keyset

MOUNTAIN, creator of innovative, premium peripherals with user-centric design to enable gamers and content creators to perform at their best, introduces its first small form factor keyboard with Everest 60. Staying true to its mission of delivering peak performance, MOUNTAIN cut no corners with the latest entry to the Everest product family.

Everest 60 comes in the extremely compact 60% form factor but does not cut necessary functional corners, as arrow keys remain part of the layout. Contrasting its sleek and minimalistic exterior is a complex and sophisticated interior design, using multiple layers of foam and silicone to create a satisfying and muted sound profile.
Check out the TechPowerUp Review of the Mountain Everest 60!

DURGOD Releases K330W PLUS Ultra-Compact 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

DURGOD has released a brand new mechanical keyboard, the DURGOD K330W Plus. It's an ultra-compact 60% wireless mechanical keyboard with a 61 keys layout. DURGOD K330W Plus is available in multiple switch options including Red, Brown, Silver, and Silent Red as stock. The keyboard has hotswappable switch design, so that users can change the switches as per their liking. It has triple connection modes, one can connect it via Bluetooth V5.0, Wireless 2.4 GHz, and USB Type-C Wired with multiple sources. The K330W Plus also supports seamless connection with three devices at a time. The keyboard is available in multiple color options, each one looking simply spectacular. DURGOD K330W is available with us for only $109, check out more details here.

The DURGOD K330W Plus is an ultra-compact 60% mechanical keyboard. It occupies very less space on your desk and still provides you with full functionality. The keyboard has a 61 keys layout dropping down on the arrow keys and maintaining a very compact build and structure. The keyboard is very well-built. It has aluminium alloy chassis with a well-polished look. Not to mention the four amazing colors the keyboard is available in.

CORSAIR Launches K70 RGB TKL Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR, a world leader in high-performance gear for gamers and content creators, today unveiled a new optical-mechanical version of the award-winning K70 RGB TKL CHAMPION SERIES Gaming Keyboard. Featuring the acclaimed K70 RGB TKL tournament-ready tenkeyless design and stylish aluminium build, while adding hyper-fast CORSAIR OPX optical-mechanical keyswitches to its arsenal, the K70 RGB TKL Optical-Mechanical sets the bar higher still for esports-caliber gaming keyboards.

A new addition to the CHAMPION SERIES, CORSAIR OPX optical-mechanical keyswitches boast an incredibly short 1.0 mm actuation distance to swiftly register inputs. Their smooth linear motion is apt for high-level competitive gaming, and each switch is guaranteed for an extraordinary 150 million keystrokes. These premier keyswitches are housed in the iconic K70 aluminium frame renowned for its durability and portability, thanks to a compact tenkeyless profile and a detachable USB Type-C cable that makes it a snap to take on-the-go and connect to any system. Sturdy PBT double-shot keycaps, precision-molded to resist wear and fading, keep your keys looking and feeling like new even after years of use.

IOGEAR Unveils $49 HVER STEALTH Premium RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

IOGEAR, today announced the addition of the HVER STEALTH premium mechanical gaming keyboard to its Kaliber Gaming line of gaming and eSports products. Available immediately for $49.99, this streamlined mechanical keyboard boasts a variety of must-have gaming features, premium build quality and extreme durability. "Our HVER keyboards are known for their edgy appearance, premium build quality, solid feature set and affordable price points. While the HVER keyboards have done well historically, many of our customers, streamers and influencers have provided similar feedback, saying that the keyboard performs great but looks too aggressive. So, we reassessed and created a keyboard that combines what people loved about previous HVER models with the physical qualities they liked about other high-end gaming keyboards," said Derek Hamilton, product manager at IOGEAR.

The HVER STEALTH features a standard 110-key layout but elevates the experience by hovering the keys above the keyboard's subtle but stylish brushed aluminium face plate. This provides a comfortable typing experience for everyday use, while also providing very crisp, direct switch actuations for gameplay. The textured double-injected keycaps are easy to read and provide a durable non-slip surface that will endure hundreds of hours of gameplay without wearing off. Under those keycaps, customers will find high-quality brown, boxed-style mechanical switches that deliver a subtle tactile click upon actuation and the perfect amount of noise for mixed use. Keeping things stable is a weighted base and rubber feet that ensure the keyboard won't slip out of position, even in the most rigorous gaming sessions.

Genesis Announces Thor 303 RGB and TKL Keyboards

The Genesis Thor 303 RGB is the successor of the popular Thor 300 model. Available in two versions, Full and TKL, it provides users with the ability to exchange switches as well as RGB PRISMO illumination. The keys are finished with a special technique, so this unit will serve gamers for years to come.
The Genesis Thor 303 features a simple, aesthetic design. The model is based on a durable, aluminium frame, which includes exchangeable Outemu Blue switches. They are characterized by high durability of up to 50 million clicks. The switches' reaction time is 8 milliseconds, while the actuation force is equal to 55 g.

The Thor 303 RGB keys are topped with special caps, which thanks to the employed Double Injection technology withstand abrasion even after years of work. The unit also incudes the N-key rollover and hot swap functions, so that users can change the keys in the keyboard by themselves. The manufacturer has also included the RGB LED illumination with PRISMO effect - users can select from among 25 lighting modes. They can choose a proper mode in the included software, which can also be used to create macros and save user profiles. The Thor 303 RGB is also equipped with 11 multimedia keys.

Razer Adds Analog Switch Support to Huntsman Mini 60% Keyboard

Razer has been quietly updating its peripheral lineup, including its Huntsman series of keyboards that used to be exclusively mechanical and using Razer-branded linear, tactile, or clicky switches. Then came optical switch versions that theoretically promise zero debounce and smoother travel owing to no mechanical components for the stem to physically move into, and this time it was either a linear Razer switch or a clicky one. It would be no surprise then that the natural progression of this was via analog switch versions of its popular keyboards. The full-size Huntsman V2 Analog was the first of these to launch a few months ago, with the use of "Razer Analog Optical Switches" to complete the set. These analog switches rely on optical sensors to detect the travel of the stem downward, akin to what the likes of Wooting have been doing for a while now, and aim to finally be the one peripheral to address the strengths of keyboards and game controllers collectively.

Perhaps the 100% form factor was too large for consumers, especially given analog switches have rarely found an established use case outside of gaming even today, so a smaller keyboard size may be what you are looking for. Razer certainly thinks as much, as today it introduced the Huntsman Mini Analog—a 60% form factor keyboard now employing the same Razer analog switches. With customization over the analog actuation in Razer Synapse between 1.5 and 3.6 mm, and plenty of games already good to go on Windows, the Huntsman Mini Analog might be also a dedicated game/macro pad in the making. It costs $149.99 in the US, which is a $20-30 hike over the equivalent Huntsman Mini keyboards with optical switches, and is a reasonable price increase with said context. Hit the link in the source to learn more, and perhaps purchase one if this is to your liking.

CHERRY MX Low-Profile Mechanical Switches Get Extended Lifetime

CHERRY, the market leader and expert for mechanical switches for keyboards, extends the lifetime of the MX Low Profile RGB from 50 to more than 100 million actuations without loss of input quality. This extension already applies to all switches in the low-profile format that have been shipped since mid-2021. Therefore, new and existing customers benefit from a doubled guaranteed lifetime of the MX Low Profile RGB. Thanks to this unrivaled durability, CHERRY MX now solidifies its position as the industry leader in the field of low-profile mechanical switches. Extensive internal and external testing validates the new durability claims. The more than 100 million actuations are achieved by optimizing the world-exclusive and technically superior Gold Crosspoint contact system and the unique selection of materials, guaranteeing the switch's permanently consistent quality over many decades.

Introduced in 2018, the entirely newly developed CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB switch now positions itself between the MX Standard and the MX Ultra Low Profile in terms of dimensions. Thanks to an overall height of only 11.9 millimeters, modern slim, mechanical keyboard designs for desktop applications can be implemented without compromising switching characteristics and feel. The MX Low Profile RGB is around 35 percent thinner than the standard version but still offers the inimitable typing feel with which the conventional MX switches have already established themselves as the gold standard on the market.

HyperX Alloy Origins 65 Keyboard Shipping with Colorway Customizations

HyperX, the gaming peripherals team at HP Inc. and brand leader in gaming and esports, today announced the HyperX Alloy Origins 65 mechanical gaming keyboard is now shipping with HyperX Aqua tactile switch or HyperX Red linear switch options. The 65 percent form factor keyboard includes dedicated arrow keys, page up and down, home, and delete keys to provide an optimized balance of compactness and functionality. In addition to the Alloy Origins 65 keyboards, HyperX Alloy Origins 60 mechanical gaming keyboard is now available with HyperX Aqua tactile switches and a new pink colorway is available in HyperX Red linear switches.

"We're pleased to expand our keyboard options in the ultra-compact market with the new 65 percent form factor keyboard and added switch variations for Alloy Origins 60," said Jennifer Ishii, category manager, HyperX. "The Alloy Origins 65 is designed specifically for gamers looking for a keyboard that offers more room for mouse movement while still providing dedicated arrows, delete, page up, and page down keys."

Genesis Announces Thor 660 Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Genesis Thor 660 is a mechanical keyboard which functions not only as a wired device, but also as a wireless Bluetooth unit. It is perfect for users who do not want to be restricted by the length of the USB cord.

The Genesis Thor 660 is a wireless mechanical keyboard equipped with Gateron RED switches with durability of up to 50 million clicks. They are designed for fans of linear switches, with an actuation force of 45 g±10 g and the actuation point of 2.0 mm ± 0.6 mm. Genesis Thor 660 has compact size (293 x 102 x 39 mm) with 61 keys (TKL, so no numeric keys) and N-Key rollover function. The covers of the keys are made with the "Pudding PBT" technology with double injection, which translates into durability.

CORSAIR Launches K70 RGB PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR (NASDAQ: CRSR), a world leader in high-performance gear for gamers and content creators, today unveiled the newest entry in the best-selling K70 series: the CORSAIR K70 RGB PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Uniting the acclaimed design and aluminium build of a full-size K70 with renowned CORSAIR RGB lighting and tournament-grade performance, the K70 RGB PRO sets a new standard for a full-size gaming keyboard. Available with a wide array of trusted CHERRY MX mechanical switches and loaded with features to help gamers get the most from their setup, anyone can find a K70 RGB PRO to fit their style of play.

K70 RGB PRO is available with a range of German-made CHERRY MX mechanical keyswitches, delivering the exceptional durability and quality synonymous with CHERRY. With five switch types on offer, from the linear and silky smooth keypress of MX Red to the lightning-fast actuation of MX Speed, the K70 RGB PRO delivers a top-notch gaming and typing experience guaranteed for years of continuous use.* These are complemented by durable, high-quality PBT double-shot keycaps, precision-molded to resist wear and fading so your keys still look and feel fresh even for years to come, while allowing stunning per-key RGB lighting to shine brilliantly through.

Meletrix Unveils Zoom65 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

There was a time when personal computers were more of a novelty, but in the modern age, they're an integral part of everyday work and personal life. Since the induction of remote work, there has been an increasing demand for accessories and peripherals that not only matches one's taste but also offers a user experience that's pleasant and comfortable to use all day. Enthusiast-level peripherals often come at a very price tag, and in the case of great custom keyboards, they're often a very limited release and/or require a great level of skill to assemble.

Meletrix is on a mission to provide the same luxury, quality, and user experience to the masses at a very affordable price. Its flagship product, the Zoom65, is a mechanical keyboard that appeals to both newcomers and seasoned veterans in the hobby. Born under the parent brand Wuque Studio, Meletrix has taken a simple yet groundbreaking approach to elevate the traditional mechanical keyboard for everyday consumers.

DeepCool Intros KG722 65% Mechanical Keyboard

DeepCool announced the KG722, a 65%-format mechanical gaming keyboard. With compact dimensions of 31 cm x 10.16 cm x 3.9 cm (WxDxH), the keyboard features a 68-key layout, with the lettering printed along the frontal side of the keycaps, rather than on the top. The keys are RGB illuminated. Under the hood, you get Gateron RGB Red mechanical switches. Its electronics offer N-key rollover, 12 ms response time, and 1000 Hz USB polling rate. Other features include 32 KB onboard memory for storing macro and lighting profiles, and a 1.8 m braided-sleeved cable that offers both USB type-A and type-C connectivity. The company didn't reveal pricing.

MSI Announces Vigor GK71 Sonic & GK50 Low Profile TKL Gaming Keyboards

MSI has recently announced the Vigor GK71 Sonic and Vigor GK50 Low Profile TKL gaming keyboards. The MSI Vigor GK71 is a full-size mechanical keyboard featuring MSI Sonic Red 35 g Linear switches paired with translucent keycaps and MSI Mystic RGB lighting. The keyboard features integrated volume and media controls along with a detachable memory foam wrist rest. The MSI Vigor GK71 will be available to purchase exclusively from the MSI US online store for 119.99 USD from February 2022.

The MSI GK50 Low Profile TKL is an 80% mechanical keyboard featuring Kalih White low-profile switches paired with octagonal keycaps and MSI Mystic RGB lighting. The keyboard features an ergonomic floating keycap design with a detachable USB Type-C cable and included drawstring bag for transportation. The integrated feet support three different angles at 5°, 8°, or 11° and anti-slip pads for increased support. The MSI GK50 Low Profile TKL will be available to purchase in Asia and Europe soon with an MSRP of 84.99 USD.

Mad Catz Announces New Gaming Products

Mad Catz, is announcing an extensive array of gaming hardware due for release in Q2 2022. Products to be released include the S.T.R.I.K.E. 6 gaming keyboard, the P.I.L.O.T. gaming headset series, the S.U.R.F. RGB mouse pad, the G.Y.R.A. gaming chair, the C.A.T. 9 game controller, and a new fight sick—the T.E. 3.

The S.T.R.I.K.E. 6 mechanical keyboard combines the space-saving convenience of the compact 60% form factor with extreme customization and functionality. Built for gamers, Mad Catz's mechanical switches provide for a precise linear actuation, last up to 80 million keystrokes, and can be hot-swapped to match your personal preference. The S.T.R.I.K.E. 6 also has powerful RGB illumination with 26 RGB effects including sound effect synchronization.

HYTE Announces keeb SR65 65% Custom Mechanical Keyboard

HYTE, the new PC components, peripherals, and lifestyle brand of iBUYPOWER, a leading manufacturer of high-performance custom gaming PCs, today unveiled the HYTE keeb SR65, its first custom mechanical keyboard, designed to satisfy the needs of gamers looking to enter the enthusiast keyboard segment. The 65 percent HYTE keeb SR65 will be available for pre-sale in a limited, 1,000-unit run featuring a 5-pin hot-swappable PCB for future keyboard modifications and extended switch compatibility.

Housed in a frosted polycarbonate base with a bead blasted satin silver aluminium top case, the keeb will come fully loaded with Durock V2 Gold Wire Stabilizers and the choice between three Durock switch variants: Linear 'Pink' (65 g bottom out), Linear 'Yellow' (55 g bottom out), and Tactile 'Teal' T1 (67 g bottom out). A barebones version of the keeb SR65 will also be made available to customers who want to take advantage of using their own switches, keycaps and stabilizers. To further enhance the user experience, keeb will come standard with an all-new suspended gasket mount for improved typing sound and feel.

ASUS Announces New ROG Gaming Keyboards at CES 2022

ASUS has today announced two new full size gaming keyboards during their ROG CES 2022 livestream with the ROG Strix Flare II Animate and ROG Strix Flare II. The keyboards both feature ROG NX mechanical switches available in Red, Brown, and Blue variants paired with PBT Doubleshot keycaps and sound-dampening foam. They also feature a 8000 Hz polling rate and 0.125 ms response time along with dedicated media controls and wrist rests. The ROG Strix Flare II Animate also features a customizable AniMe Matrix LED display along with hot-swappable switches and RGB lighting on the wrist rest. The ROG Strix Flare II Animate and ROG Strix Flare II will be available to purchase in late January 2022 for 219.99 USD and 179.99 USD respectively.

Introducing Epomaker Lite - an Innovative Shallow Gasket Mount Mechanical Keyboard

Epomaker announces the Epomaker Lite, a 60% form factor wireless mechanical keyboard whose patented Shallow Gasket-Mount design makes it unique from any other traditional gasket-mount keyboard on the current market. In addition to the new design, the Epomaker Lite also features many attractive features such as hot swappable switches, wired and wireless dual connectivity, and multi-device simultaneous connection.

What's a Gasket-Mount Structure?
The core concept of a gasket-mount design is to provide a soft typing feeling and raindrop-like typing sounds by avoiding direct contact between the keyboard plate and the other keyboard components. Instead of using screws to support the inner components, the traditional gasket structure uses small pieces of rubber/silicone gaskets on the edges inside the keyboard, making the gaskets be the main contact points between the inner bottom of the case, the PCB, and the top plate. Nonetheless, the conventional gasket structures only have the gaskets padding on the edges of the keyboard, leaving the center empty. This can cause a lack of support in the main typing area of the keyboard, resulting in an inconsistent sound and typing feel.

Roccat Announces Vulcan TKL Pro Keyboard in Arctic White Trim

ROCCAT, Turtle Beach's PC peripheral brand, today announced its compact Vulcan TKL Pro PC gaming keyboard is now available in Arctic White. The Vulcan TKL Pro Arctic White is the latest addition to ROCCAT's award-winning gaming keyboard range. The Vulcan TKL Pro Arctic White's compact size is perfect for serious PC gamers looking for a wider range of mouse movement, while ROCCAT's ridiculously fast Titan Optical Switches register keystrokes up to 40 times faster than classic mechanical keyboards, while promising twice the lifespan. The Vulcan TKL Arctic White also showcases ROCCAT's alluring AIMO RGB lighting and is available today on the Roccat website and participating retailers worldwide for a MSRP of $159.99.

"The Vulcan series is our most popular keyboard range, with multiple models being best-selling keyboards here in Germany. We're excited to expand the lineup with the TKL Pro Arctic White because fans have been waiting to get the smaller keyboard to add to their Arctic White setups," said René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and General Manager for PC Peripherals at Turtle Beach. "Its design looks like nothing else on the market and its build quality guarantees all gamers an exceptional experience."

Turtle Beach, ROCCAT, and Neat Deliver High-quality, Award-winning Gaming Accessories and Microphones

Leading gaming accessory maker Turtle Beach Corporation, today announced its best-selling and award-winning brands - Turtle Beach, ROCCAT, and Neat Microphones - have delivered a stellar lineup of gear perfect for gamers, creators, and artists this holiday season. "Our 2021 portfolio is undoubtedly the richest and most diverse in our history, and we're thrilled to deliver such a great assortment of groundbreaking accessories for the holidays," said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. "Our best-selling Turtle Beach console headsets continue to outperform the competition, while our ROCCAT PC peripherals rack up more high praise and grow share globally."

Stark continued, "Beyond our best-selling and multi-award-winning gaming headsets and PC accessories we've now also launched the Recon Controller as well as the highly sought-after VelocityOne Flight simulation control system. Both products in these new categories have seen strong reviews and editorial accolades since launching. In fact, the Recon Controller was named a Best Xbox Controller by IGN, and VelocityOne Flight received a fantastic 9/10 review in the upcoming issue of PC Pilot Magazine, a highly respected publication among flight sim enthusiasts."

Cherry Unveils the Stream Keyboard Wireless Edition

CHERRY, a leading global manufacturer of computer input devices, now offers wireless version of its well-known STREAM KEYBOARD: the STREAM KEYBOARD WIRELESS. The 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard has everything that its wired counterpart has proven itself with.

With the STREAM KEYBOARD WIRELESS, understated minimalism meets a high level of comfort. It combines all the advantages of the familiar STREAM KEYBOARD and extends the range of functions to include 2.4 GHz technology with a 10 m range. When folded in and out, the wireless keyboard remains stable, resistant to torsion and non-slip. This is ensured by the integrated metal plate, the two robust feet and the eight rubber pads on the underside.
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