Monday, February 6th 2012

Fake Core i7-990X Surfaces on Forums

A scamster has managed to pull off a fake "Intel Core i7-990X" processor. An unsuspecting buyer paid hundreds of dollars for a Core i7-990X six-core LGA1366 processor, only to end up with a badly-done fake. The fake chip is a worthless LGA775 Pentium, on which the IHS markings of a Core i7-990X have been etched. Intel and AMD put tiny windows on their retail processor boxes so buyers could see these markings before breaking open the company seal. At least in the case of Intel's product boxes, the windows aren't big enough to let you see the entire CPU package. In case of this chip, the buyer couldn't have spotted that the chip was an LGA775 (and not LGA1366), and couldn't spot the 3D hologram and serial number sticker that's found on the obverse side of the package, under the IHS. The thread where this fake was reported can be read here.

Source: CPU World
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i think he meant pads
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Where in the world did the buyer go to find this.... this seems like the kind of deal you would get in a dark alley....
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craigslist? ebay? some forum hosted on a guys basement pc? china? who knows.. (except the seller and buyer) youd think the buyer would say where he got it to warn others... unless he's trolling and the thread about getting a fake cpu is a fake.
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AthlonX2 said:
i think he meant pads
I think he was trying to appear smarter than he actually is, as to somehow mock the poor clueless chap who got scammed.
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I would be really interested in the answer to... where did he get them; as, they used the term "any of them", insinuating more than one or two.

IMO, he/she may be, possibly, a cop/FBI, Intel Security, bencher, retailer or reseller, because of the last post burrasa had made:
Re: What type of Socket and CPU architecture is this i7 990x? a FAKE CPU?

Robert, seems you were right despite my initial skepticism, I think its like this - its a fake, some one has printed the i7 990x information on the LGA 775 socket processor. Could this be done so well anywhere else but the Intel factory? As we have not been able to fire any of them up yet DOA, I dont know any more than that.
Whatever it is, lookout, there may be a few out in the market.
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Meh...back here in my country there's alot of ppl and unfortunately store that can't differ between C2D and a dual core...i once saw there's a store selling an E5700 for a price of E7500 just because the numbers resemblance and the fact that both has two cores in it.
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Reminds me of the i7 920 debacle on NewEgg.
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Never seen the Samsung HDD rip off before.
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it was news from ages ago, not to mention, those fake graphics card labels lol (8400GS cards labeled as 9600GT, 9800GT etc, it shows up as 9xxx card in GPU-Z but when detecting the TMUs, memory and bandwidth it reveals its base is from a very weak card)
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It is a LGA 775, Intel Pentium D 805?!?! Code name: SmithField.

If you look at the pin side up. The center is 100% the same as the on the intel forum. notice the 001 also, and the pins match.

Here is a picture of both side the side, under side up:
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LOL... poor buyer... but holy crap, that isnt obvious the size of the writing on there is WAY different than others?
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To me the scuff mark's from sanding were a giveaway, how can a lapped CPU still have all of it's identity marking's? :o

Dude that HDD scam look's pretty bad! :shadedshu
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