Wednesday, February 29th 2012

Apple Considers 14-inch MacBook Air

Apple is reportedly toying with the idea of a slightly bigger MacBook Air. This report comes in the wake of several others, pointing that the MacBook Pro of the future will look increasingly like the MacBook Air. Apple is considering this new, big MacBook Air to fully enter the Asia PC market, sources told DigiTimes. 14-inch notebooks are preferred more in the Asian markets, while European buyers, for instance, prefer 15-inch (or bigger) ones. The screen resolution of the new 14-inch MacBook Air is not known. The current biggest model in the series, the 13.3-inch one, packs 1440x900 pixels.

Source: DigiTimes
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3 Comments on Apple Considers 14-inch MacBook Air

Completely Bonkers
I'd like a 12"-er. /haha

On a more serious note, if a 12" had all the 13" features but in a smaller 12" format, that would be a +ve thing for me. I didnt buy an Air because 13" is too big and the 11" is missing the card slots and the second USB. I need 2x USB slots. Keystick and headphones. And SDcard slot to dump the pictures from the Nikon.

Of course, any new Air needs a better screen and better resolution. It needs to match iPad3 in terms of pixel count... certainly you can't have the premium Air will an inferior screen.

14" or 15" not needed. Didnt we just have some news that the MacBook Pro was going "slim". Or is this just product management and PR confusion at Apple (or digitimes)?
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What?! Swiping does not allow for on the go resizing of the screen? What a useless product! :)
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Apple did do 12in in the past. My ibook G4 is a 12in model. Yeah it was the perfect size back then. The 14in was too clunky but the 12 was just perfect. In fact, I'm surprised they are doing a 14 again. The 14in iBooks never sold as well as the 12in models.
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