Thursday, March 8th 2012

Walton-Chaintech Returns to Motherboard and Graphics Card Businesses

Walton-Chaintech announced a partnership with Colorful that will see it make a comeback to the motherboard and graphics card businesses. The company quit both businesses in 2006. Company chairman Lu Li-Cheng commented that Chaintech has years of experience in the business, including R&D and marketing, has received OEM orders from Colorful, and is looking to bring back the Chaintech brand to the consumer market in 2013, with unveiling in 2012. Walton-Chaintech will market its products outside China, with the assistance of Colorful. Colorful has a solid market presence in mainland China, where its graphics cards account for 24-27% of the branded graphics card market.

Source: DigiTimes, Image Courtesy: FrostyTech
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14 Comments on Walton-Chaintech Returns to Motherboard and Graphics Card Businesses

Dedicated TPU Cruncher & Folder
Awesome news!!!!!! Glad to see Chaintech be back in competition with the big guys!! Back in the Socket A days Chaintech made some awesome motherboards.

Hope they can make a comeback and compete with Gigabyte, Asus, Asrock, etc...

Welcome back Chaintech!!! :=)
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Wow, now there's a name I haven't heard in years...
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holy smokes!! this is awesome :D
Their mainstream ddr2 ram was some of the best you could get. :toast:
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Holy capacitors... it has been a while. I hope this time they will expend
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Never heard of Chain-tech but glad they are back in the game. Did ask my gee-eff to get that haircut, mmmmmm!;)
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~Technological Technocrat~
Now if only Hercules will return to the GPU market too.....

their 3D Prophet cards were a total BEAST. It has to be better and much more exciting then selling Audio/Audiophile hardware. Its just sad when they build such a big repution of awesomeness then do a complete U-turn a decide to take the business else where.
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F@H Mod & 4P Enthusiust
Woot! Can't wait to get my hands on that new 8800GTS 512mb:roll:
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Hopefully their stuff is better than their ti4200 line :(

Overclocked, undercooled, underrated memory, and bad fans.
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the old player is back
welcome back, its been about 10 years i guess since the last time i saw chaintech board
i hope they could more competitive today
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Great News IMO! I had one of their motherboards back in the day, it worked solidly for 8 years the AMD CPU croaked before the motherboard did!
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~Technological Technocrat~
T3RM1N4L D0GM4 said:
... and now bring back Abit, plz.

the difference between Hercules, Chaintech & Abit is that Abit no longer exist.
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Overclocked quantum bit
Dippyskoodlez said:
Hopefully their stuff is better than their ti4200 line :(

Overclocked, undercooled, underrated memory, and bad fans.
Yup, I bought one of those cards new, boxed, for cheap a couple of years ago to add to my collection of graphics cards. Ended up using it in my friend's old AGP PC to help him out and within 6 months, the fan was making an awful racket and then two capacitors blew. Now the card doesn't work. Junk.
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would it be regain his "power" as what he's achieved in socket A arena with their 7AJA?let's wait and see.. :confused:
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