Friday, March 9th 2012

EVGA Offers Quick Peek at 7 Series (LGA 1155) Motherboard

While rival manufacturers flooded CeBIT with their Z77 motherboards, EVGA has been rather low key and only today decided to give us a look at what it's preparing for next's month's Ivy Bridge launch. Seen below is one high-end LGA 1155 board EVGA is currently working on. There's no name to go with the image (best guess is Z77 FTW) but plenty of specs can be identified like, well, the Ivy-ready LGA 1155 socket, four DDR3 memory slots, 10-phase power, two 8-pin power connectors to 'feed' the processor plus two 6-pin PCIe plugs catering to graphics cards, a PCIe bridge chip (likely made by PLX), and five PCI-Express x16 slots (at least two should be PCIe 3.0) providing SLI and CrossFireX capabilities.

EVGA's incoming motherboard also includes PCIe disable switches, a debug LED, an angled 24-pin ATX power connector, four SATA 6.0 Gbps and four SATA 3.0 Gbps ports, Gigabit Ethernet, an undetermined number of USB 3.0 ports, Power, Reset and Clear CMOS buttons, 7.1 channel audio, and it seems even a Thunderbolt port. Now where's that 'Like' button?
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33 Comments on EVGA Offers Quick Peek at 7 Series (LGA 1155) Motherboard

onzfeat said:
love the 24 pin angle
This needs to become a new standard with motherboards as do 90° Sata , front panel and USB connections. It would do wonderful things for cable routing
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yes, but why manufactures do not go the whole route and only make small changes from year to year. In this case, why not make all USB, FW, Audio, COM, etc. ports 90 degrees?

I know the answer, it must fit small cases.
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Good point but I don't think people will be putting a board like this in small cases
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Aesthetically it looks great but I wonder what they are going to do for the chipset heat sink?

A set of bullets which look like lipstick?
Oh no it's already done : /
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why dont 2011?
im waiting for socket 2011 but so far it looks pretty slow get applied
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I wish EVGA would release a Classified version for the Z77 chipset. I have a good feeling people will completely forget about X79 once Ivy Bridge launches (The people that don't need 6 cores that is). But then again, Once Ivy Bridge-E launches, everyone will forget about plain jane Ivy Bridge. Still... gimmie a classified EVGA! I've been holding out for months on my next build, hoping some awesome but affordable boards come out for the 1155 IB.
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cadaveca said:

If these sort of things weren't needed, they'd not be there, so if you install more than two cards in any system, be sure to look for a power connector like that on the board you use!
Never knew that ! Thx for the info !

Didn't AiBs fix that in current cards ? If not that would be extremely stupid, looking how multi card systems are becoming more popular.

nickbaldwin86 said:
it used to be just molex connectors Asus boards have been doing it for years
Mine doesn't :(
The R3E does though. Damn you Asus :banghead:
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