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EVGA Announces the Z690 CLASSIFIED Motherboard

Introducing the EVGA Z690 CLASSIFIED - The latest addition to EVGA's most-respected line of motherboards. This motherboard fully supports the latest 12th Gen Intel Core Series Processors and takes full advantage of PCIe Gen5 and PCIe Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSDs. The EVGA Z690 CLASSIFIED provides unbeatable power, performance and stability via a 19-phase VRM and 10-layer PCB. Moreover, this board supports up to 128 GB of DDR5 memory, 2x 2.5 Gbps NIC + Wi-Fi 6E / BT 5.2, 7.1 HD audio, and multiple USB options. The EVGA Z690 CLASSIFIED is designed for nothing less than the ultimate gaming experience.

MSI MEG Z690 GODLIKE Motherboard to Bundle AIO Cooler and Memory Sticks

The retail version of MSI MEG Z690 GODLIKE, the company's flagship Socket LGA1700 motherboard, will include an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler, and DDR5 memory sticks. Snapped at a PC retailer, the front-face of the retail box of the motherboard reads that the contents include an MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 cooler, and Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 memory. The size and speed of the memory is not mentioned. What's also unknown at this point, is whether the board comes in retail packages that don't bundle the cooler or memory. Assuming the bundled memory is a 32 GB (2x 16 GB) kit of decent specs, such as DDR5-6000, this motherboard could easily command a four-figure price, with speculative prices averaging $1,500.

Update Jan 17th: MSI has informed us, that the price for this bundle, consisting of the motherboard, 360 mm AIO, and 32 GB of DDR5 memory, will be around $2,099 in retail.

Biostar 700-series Intel Motherboard Lineup Leaks

Intel's 600-series motherboards have barely made it into retail and we're now looking at a list of upcoming 700-series motherboards from Biostar that has leaked courtesy of the Eurasian Economic Commission via @harukaze5719 in Twitter. The list of boards suggests that Biostar will only be using the Z790 and B760 chipsets, although it's unclear at this point if there will be an H770 and a H710 chipset, as Intel has skipped those SKUs in the past for second generation CPUs using the same socket.

The boards in question are the Z790 Valkyrie, Z790GTA- SILVER, B760GTQ, B760M-SILVER, B760GTN, B760T-SILVER, B760MX5-E PRO, B760MX-PRO, B760MX-C, B760MX-E, B760MH. We'd hazard a guess that the Z790 Valkyrie will replace the Z690 Valkyrie, but the models with silver in the model name are currently missing from Biostar's 600-series lineup, but there are some 500-series silver models. In addition to the Z790 SKUs, there are also some B660 boards with a BTC suffix that Biostar hasn't announced yet and these would appear to be boards designed for mining, as this is the naming Biostar has used in the past for such boards. Intel's 700-series chipset and Raptor Lake CPUs are expected to launch later this year.

BIOSTAR Announces Racing B660GTN Motherboard

BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices today, introduces the brand new B660GTN motherboard. BIOSTAR kicks off 2022 with a brand-new lineup of B660 chipset motherboards that support the latest 12th gen Intel processors. Designed in the Mini-ITX form factor, the new B660GTN is the smallest motherboard of the B660 series yet packing powerful specs even with its smaller size.

Focused on content creators, casual gaming, and content consumption, the new B660GTN motherboard from BIOSTAR carries all the bells and whistles for a Mini-ITX motherboard in 2022. Designed with BIOSTAR's signature motherboard design language, the B660GTN features Rock Zone RGB lighting controlled by Vivid LED DJ software providing unprecedented customization capability for users looking to theme their build to their tastes.

ASRock First Out With Official Support for Zen 3 CPUs on X370 Motherboards

We're not sure if this will bring more praise for AMD, or if there will be a new angry mob with virtual pitchforks, because it's coming too late, but it looks like at least some AMD X370 based motherboards are getting support for AMD's Zen 3 based Ryzen processors. First out is ASRock with the X370 Pro4, which even at launch was a run of the mill X370 board, but it's possible that the company is just using it as its test platform to see if it's worth adding support for Zen 3 or not.

ASRock has added support for all of AMD's Vermeer based CPUs, as well as several Renoir based APUs. You can find all the added models in the modified screenshot below, since the processors weren't all listed in order on ASRock's website. The P7.10 UEFI update is required and it also drops support for AMD's now rather old Excavator+ based Bristol Ridge APUs, a loss that almost no-one is likely to shed a tear over. The interesting thing to keep an eye on now, is both if ASRock will follow suit with other models, as well as what its competitors will do in terms of adding support for Zen 3 CPUs on their older motherboard models.

ASRock Announces Z690 Taichi Razer Edition Motherboard

The leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, reveals Z690 Taichi Razer Edition, a Razer Chroma RGB integrated motherboard paired with innovation and craftsmanship, poised to perfect Chroma RGB ecosystem on the latest 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors, and illuminate the strong relationship between ASRock and Razer.

Razer Chroma RGB is the world's largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices which supports over 500 devices, 150 natively integrated games and over 15 million users worldwide. The integration with ASROCK enables universal compatibility with thousands of addressable RGB (ARGB) components directly into the ecosystem.

MSI Releases the Latest B660 and H610 Motherboards

Wonderful news can't come sooner at the beginning of the new year. MSI launched the latest mainstream H670, B660 and H610 Series motherboards that everyone has been looking forward to ever since Intel released the 12th Gen Core processors. After MSI received high praises for the new Z690 motherboards last year, it's the B660 Series motherboards' turn to come under the spotlight. Some benefits of the B660 Series motherboards include affordable prices and remarkable performance. What else do MSI B660 motherboards use to draw our attention?

As promised to all of our fans and users, MSI is dedicated to offering a huge selection of choices. For the latest platform, MSI launched MAG and PRO segments and most of them are available in both DDR4 and DDR5 versions. The overclocking memory frequency of MSI B660 DDR5 motherboards can achieve 6200 MHz as a result of MSI OC LAB's tuning and MSI Memory Boost. All MSI B660 Series motherboards support PCIe 4.0, which provides 64 GB/s of transfer bandwidth. Equipped with up to 12 DrMOS with Duet Rail Power System, MSI MAG B660 motherboards have 6 layers PCB with 2-oz copper to guarantee stable current delivered to the core processors.

BIOSTAR Announces its B660 Chipset Motherboards

BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices today, introduces the brand new B660 series motherboards geared to run the latest Intel 12th generation processors. Available in 3 distinct models, B660GTA, B660GTQ, and the B660GTN, BIOSTAR's new B660 series motherboards carry the legacy of their predecessors as the best performance motherboards available in the market. The B660 Series motherboards are the best mid-range motherboard series in the market for business users, content creators and casual gamers alike that works the best with Intel 12th generation processors.

Featuring PCIe 5.0, the latest leap in data transmission technology, and PCIe M.2 4.0 storage technology, BIOSTAR's B660 series motherboards are robust and functional, designed to suit any use case scenario. The B660GTA, the B660GTQ, and the B660GTN motherboards come in 3 distinct form factors ATX, uATX, and Mini-ITX respectively. For users to select between their favorite build sizes.

ASRock Launches H670, B660 and H610 Motherboards

ASRock, is proud to announce its latest H670, B660 and H610 motherboards. This comprehensive range of feature-filled motherboards is designed to bring great performance and practicality - including up to PCI-Express 5.0 - to PC builders, gamers and office users looking to partner with either just launched Intel 12th Generation Core 'non-K series' processors, or existing K-series processors (LGA1700).

ASRock offers SFF builders a full range of Mini-ITX motherboards featuring H670, B660, H610 chipsets. The fully-featured ASRock H670M-ITX/ax includes support for future PCI-Express 5.0 16x graphics cards, plus space for two PCI-Express Gen-4 M.2 NVMe SSDs. A powerful 8-phase Dr.MOS VRM design and up to DDR4 5000 MHz OC means ensures small form factor builds still offer maximum performance. Three types of connectivity include extreme performance Wi-Fi 6E (2x2), Dragon 2.5G LAN and Intel Gigabit Ethernet.

COLORFUL Presents Intel B660 Micro-ATX Series Motherboards

COLORFUL, presents its Intel B660 micro-ATX motherboard line-up which consists of the CVN Series and Battle-AX Series models. These are the CVN B660M GAMING FROZEN V20, CVN B660M GAMING PRO V20, and the BATTLE-AX B660M-HD DELUXE V20 motherboards. Based on the Intel B660 chipset for the 12th generation Intel Core processors, the COLORFUL B660M motherboards offer PCIe 5.0 support and the use of older generation but cheaper DDR4 memory in a compact micro-ATX motherboard form-factor. These motherboards are the budget-friendly options compared to the premium Z690 motherboard models, offering PC builders to opportunity to adopt the latest Intel Core processors at a lower cost.

ASUS Announces New Intel Z690, H670, B660 and H610 Motherboards

ASUS today announced a new lineup of Z690, H670, B660, and H610 motherboards to support 12th Gen Intel Core processors, offering the latest technologies to a broader audience. The Z690 lineup expands with new ROG Strix and TUF Gaming models: the ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi, TUF Gaming Z690-Plus WiFi, and TUF Gaming Z690-Plus. The new Z690 additions arrive with support for DDR5 memory modules.

ASUS full lineup of B660, H670, and H610 motherboards brings the Intel 12th generation platform to the mainstream. The B660 lineup features a PCIe 5.0 slot, memory overclocking, and support for DDR5 or DDR4 memory modules. The H670 chipset includes one PCIe 5.0 slot, multiple PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots, and support for DDR4 memory modules. Lastly, the H610 lineup provides an affordable option for all PC builders.

BIOSTAR Releases Official BIOS Update to A320MH Motherboard to Support Ryzen 5000

Highly considered by the masses as the best budget-friendly performer, BIOSTAR's A320MH motherboard finally gets a BIOS update to support AMD's 5000 series processors. BIOSTAR A320MH users now have the opportunity to upgrade their systems to the latest AMD's 5000 series processors and get a significant boost in performance and productivity out of their systems. With BIOSTAR's official BIOS patch version A32ESB17, users can upgrade to a range of new processors like the Ryzen 7 5800X.

We can see many motherboard manufacturers follow BIOSTAR's approach providing a new version of BIOS for their A320 motherboards to support AMD Zen 3 processors. This move is undoubtedly a great boon for users of the A320MH motherboard extending the product use cycle even further. Ryzen 5000 series supporting processors list for A320MH motherboard. It is important to note that the updated AMD Ryzen 5000 series is only supported but does not include the 5000G series APU. This is because of limitations of BIOS ROM capacity; the updated Bristol Ridge processor will no longer be supported.


AxiomTek Launches GMB140 Motherboard with Ryzen V1000 Embedded Processors for Casinos

Axiomtek Gaming - a business unit of Axiomtek, a leading designer and manufacturer of PC-based industrial products - is pleased to introduce the GMB140, its powerful Mini-ITX motherboard with the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000/R1000 processor. With an effective procurement strategy plus a good relationship with AMD, Axiomtek can deliver the GMB140 with a short lead time to satisfy customers' needs - either in the gaming industry or in the retail or healthcare industry - at a time of a global material shortage.

The compact GMB140 provides powerful computing with the AMD "Zen" CPU and brilliant image processing performance with the AMD Radeon Vega Graphics to deliver stunning visual experiences. The GMB140 integrated with the high-performance CPU, GPU and extensive I/O offers superior computing performance and multi-display capability, making it suitable for graphics-driven embedded applications such as digital casino gaming machines, medical imaging, interactive kiosks, control rooms and video surveillance, and more.

AMD to Steer Motherboard Partners Away from Intel WLAN, Toward MediaTek Co-branded Ones

Intel has dominated the client Wi-Fi + Bluetooth network adapter market in the PC space for some time now, particularly with WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E interfaces integrated with motherboards. Even on the AMD platform, motherboard vendors have extensively packaged not just Intel-branded WiFi + Bluetooth modules, but also their wired LAN controllers. In the commercial desktop and commercial notebook markets, Intel leverages this position to push its vPro management suite, with Intel WLAN controllers featuring vPro support. This is something felt lacking in the rival AMD PRO ecosystem, and something the company is looking to change with its collaboration with MediaTek.

AMD RZ660 will be the first controller based on this partnership. Based on the MediaTek Filogic 330P chipset, the controller combines WiFi 6E (6 GHz), with the latest generation Bluetooth (at least Bluetooth 5.2). Driver software and support for this solution will be handled by AMD, as would distribution. MediaTek stated that the first notebooks and desktop PCs (includes DIY motherboards) featuring the AMD RZ660 will debut in 2022. The AMD-supplied driver software would also enable the company to create special "PRO" variants of the RZ660 to bundle with its Ryzen PRO SoCs for the commercial PC and workstation markets. There doesn't appear to be any such collaboration with wired Ethernet, as there is an even competition between Intel and Realtek over the 2.5 GbE PHY market, with both companies offering gaming-specific variants—Intel Killer and Realtek DragonLAN.

BIOSTAR Announces RACING Z690GTA Motherboard

BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices today, announces the brand-new RACING Z690GTA motherboard. Enter the battlefield in confidence with BIOSTAR's renowned RACING series Z690GTA motherboard. Designed based on the Intel Z690 chipset with the latest LGA1700 socket, the new RACING Z690GTA motherboard is the best choice to run the latest Intel 12th gen Alder Lake processors.

Carrying forward the legacy of its predecessors the new RACING Z690GTA motherboard looks and feels otherworldly. Style, power, and grace packed in an exciting new armor design; the motherboard is tastefully designed to make any PC build stand out from the rest. Featuring a 17-phase power design and Active cooling armor gear with fins heat sink, BIOSTAR has actively focused on stable power management and heat dissipation this year, greatly enhancing the performance and durability of its components.

EVGA Announces X570 FTW WiFi Motherboard

EVGA today rolled out the X570 FTW WiFi, its second AMD Socket AM4 motherboard. While the X570 DARK is aimed at professional overclockers looking to squeeze the most out of Ryzen 5000 series processors, the X570 FTW is aimed at a slightly broader audience—enthusiasts. The board comes with four DDR4 DIMM slots to illustrate this, compared to two slots (1 DIMM per channel) on the X570 DARK. The board pulls power from a combination of 24-pin ATX, and 8+4 pin EPS. It features a 15-phase CPU VRM that's cooled by aluminium fin-stack heatsinks. The Socket AM4 processor is wired to four DDR4 DIMM slots, two PCI-Express 4.0 x16 (x8/x8 with both populated), and an M.2 NVMe slot with PCI-Express 4.0 x4 wiring.

Besides this CPU-attached M.2 NVMe Gen 4 slot, two additional Gen 4 slots are put out by the X570 chipset, cooled by a large aluminium monoblock heatsink. The X570 chipset itself is cooled fanless, which means it's likely the X570S variant. Eight SATA 6 Gbps ports make for the rest of the storage connectivity. USB connectivity includes three 10 Gbps USB 3.1 Gen2 ports at the rear panel, two 5 Gbps Gen1 ports, and two additional Gen1 ports through internal headers. The onboard audio solution uses a Realtek ALC1220 CODEC with SV3H615 headphones amp. Networking connectivity includes Intel-sourced WiFi 6 and 1 GbE. Available to EVGA Elite members, the EVGA X570 FTW WiFi is priced at USD $499, about $200 cheaper than the X570 DARK.

BIOSTAR Announces Z690 Motherboard Lineup

BIOSTAR, today announces the brand-new Intel Z690 series motherboards. Stylish new designs with cutting-edge technology-infused Intel Z690 series motherboards from BIOSTAR are finally here. Engineered to run the latest Intel 12th gen processors, BIOSTAR's new motherboards are ideal for gamers looking to play the best AAA games and for PC enthusiasts that settle for nothing but the best.

With three new exciting ATX motherboard models, BIOSTAR plans to deliver the best technology to the masses. BIOSTAR's latest flagship motherboards, the Z690 VALKYRIE, Z690A VALKYRIE are the stars of the show, built with exciting new features and functionality, and the RACING Z690GTA motherboard is robust, designed towards casual games and content creators geared with style for any occasion.

GIGABYTE Releases the Latest Z690 AORUS Motherboards

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and hardware solutions, today announced the Z690 AORUS gaming motherboards which perfectly support the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors. Featuring up to 20+1+2 phases digital power VRM design with each phase holding up to 105 amps and an improved Fins-Array III heatsink design, GIGABYTE's Z690 AORUS lineup is geared with the best power design and thermal management to unleash the extreme performance and optimized overclocking ability on the new generation multi-core K series Intel Core processors. The PCIe 5.0 PCBs, slots, and components are also implemented in GIGABYTE's Z690 AORUS motherboards for enhanced performance and stability. The exclusive SMD memory slots with metal shielding mask for anti- interference and the BIOS setting of DDR5 memory overclocking offer more stable signals to memory, which enable users to boost XMP and overclocking performance with stability. Select GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS motherboards offer feature-rich I/O with an integrated I/O shield as well as the newest Thermal Guard III design, Smart Fan 6 and much more. Performance, power management, thermals, audio, GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS motherboards check all the boxes for users seeking to take their computing firepower to the next level.

ASRock Launches Full Range of Intel Z690 Motherboard Packed with Revolutionary Technology

The leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, proudly announces its comprehensive new range of motherboards featuring Intel Z690 chipset, a brand new LGA1700 socket platform to pair with latest 12th Generation Intel CoreTM Processors, opening endless possibility with PCI Express 5.0 and DDR5 high speed memory.

Z690 Taichi
Designed for premium user who is looking for uncompromised performance, ASRock Z690 Taichi is definitely the way to go, this motherboard has been given 20 phase Dr.MOS design featuring the latest SPS (Smart Power Stage) technology for a smoother and neater power to the CPU with enhanced performance and OC capability. To pair with the latest and greatest performance from the 12th Generation Intel CoreTM Processors, the Z690 Taichi is also capable of supporting the newest DDR5 DRAM module, the reinforced DIMM slot is surfaced mounted onto the motherboard to give better physical strength as well as a more stable memory signal, with this superior revolutionary design, it is able to dramatically overclock DRAM module up to insane frequency.

Some Gigabyte Z690 Motherboard Pricing Leaked by Newegg

Newegg has been on a roll this week when it comes to leaking pricing of upcoming motherboards and this time they've managed to out no less than seven upcoming models from Gigabyte. Unfortunately we didn't get a first hand view of the leaks, so we have to make do with what little information is available for now.

The pricing of the seven leaked boards ranges from US$199.99 to US$469.99, which is less painful than what we've seen so far from other brands. The base model is the Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4, which even at US$199.99 is almost $50 more than the current Z590 UD board from the same retailer. Moving up a step, we have the Z690 Gaming X DDR4 at US$229.99, followed by the Z690 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 at US$269.99 and the Z690 Aero G DDR4 at US$289.99.

First MSI Intel Z690 Motherboards Leak

So far, all of the leaked Intel Z690 based motherboards have been void of anything from MSI, but now we get a look at some of their upcoming models courtesy of a couple of different leaks.This gives us a pretty good look at several different market segments from MSI, although none of its really high-end models have leaked yet.

MSI's product stack is a bit cryptic, as we have a pair of MEG boards, one MPG board, one MAG board and a more entry level Pro board. Starting from the bottom working our way up, the Pro Z690-A WiFi appears to be a slightly beefier version of its current Z590-A Pro, with DDR5 support, a pair of 8-pin 12 V EPS connectors, as well as a fourth M.2 slot for NVMe SSDs. We don't spot any real stand-out features on this board, but it looks fairly competent for the market segment.

ASUS' Prime Z690-P Motherboards Make an Early Appearance

The first mainstream Z690 boards have made an appearance online in the shape of ASUS' Prime Z690-P series. As with most of ASUS' Prime boards, these are fairly basic boards, but shouldn't leave the average user wanting for much, although ASUS has made a rather odd layout decision on these boards that we can't quite grasp.

The four models on display are the Prime Z690-P WiFi D4, Prime Z690-P D4, Prime Z690-P and Prime Z690M-Plus D4. The last model doesn't strictly belong to the Prime Z690-P family, but it follows a pretty similar overall design. The Prime Z690-P is obviously the only DDR5 SKU among the four boards, although from what we can tell, there are no other differences between it and the equivalent DDR4 model.

ASUS Z690 Motherboards Listed by Canadian Retailer

Intel is set to launch their 12th Generation Alder Lake desktop processors on November 4th alongside the new Z690 chipset supporting DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. We have recently seen the first of these new Z690 motherboards from ASUS being listed for sale by PC Canada. The listings include TUF, ROG Maximus, ROG Strix, and Prime motherboards but we don't see any mention of Apex or Extreme boards so they may not be available at launch. The models all appear to retail for less than their Z590 counterparts except for some of the Prime series models which will come as a pleasant surprise to many. We are also aware that the VRM design for these boards will receive various upgrades according to a recent report from @Komachi. The Z690 Hero is set to feature a 20+1 phase design with 90 A Power Stages while the lower-end boards will get a 14+1 design.

BIOSTAR Teases Z690 Valkyrie and Racing Motherboards

BIOSTAR over the weekend teased two of its top Socket LGA1700 motherboards based on the Intel Z690 chipset, under the Valkyrie and Racing brands. The outline drawing does precious more than to highlight the combination of the VRM heatsink and rear I/O shroud for both models. Outlines in the background clearly highlight the lengthy LGA1700 socket, an elaborate CPU VRM setup that pulls power from two 8-pin EPS connectors, an unremarkable chipset heatsink that extends into a combi-heatsink covering the M.2 slots. BIOSTAR is expected to launch these two alongside the first wave of 12th Gen Core processors.

Gigabyte's Z690 Motherboard SKU Names Leak

Once again, the Eurasian Economic Commission has provided us with a look into a wide range of upcoming motherboard models and this time it's Gigabyte's Z690 lineup. The company appears to be reading no less than 17 DDR5 models and 10 DDR4 models, which is simply a massive amount of motherboards. There are two models that caught our eye, firstly the Aorus Tachyon, which continues HiCookies overclocking SKU from the current Z590 Aorus Tachyon and secondly the Aorus Elite Stealth, which may or may not be a passively cooled board, suggesting the Z690 chipset might be coming with active cooling.

We'd hazard a guess and say that not all SKUs will be available at launch, since it's unlikely that there will be a demand for this many different models. A few other noteworthy mentions here include the Z690M Aorus Elite DDR4 (with or without Wi-Fi), which seems to be a higher-end mATX model and it looks like we're getting three Mini-ITX models with the Z690I Aorus Ultra, the Z690 Aero D and the Z690I A Ultra DDR4. Also gone is the Vision name, as it has been replaced with Aero, a brand Gigabyte has used for some of its AMD boards. Time will tell what actually lands in the various markets at the end, as it might be that some of these SKUs are region specific as well.
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