Tuesday, March 20th 2012

EVERCOOL Announces the YOHO Laptop Table

EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd. the professional and well-known cooler and fan brand. More and more people place importance on storage. Nevertheless, people that search for furniture, do not only ask for more space to store their items, but also ask for easy to store furniture. To meet this demand, EVERCOOL have created "YOHO Laptop Table". This laptop table can be used with laptops of different sizes, and its retractable metal frame makes its legs easy to fold or extend.

In order to meet different users' demands, YOHO Laptop Table provides two types of tables: NT-111 and NT-112 models. The distinction between the two models is that NT-111 has one 8 cm fan to provide a silent and effective cooling for laptops. On the other hand, the NT-112 does not provide a fan, and it can only be used as a small table to place your laptop.

This table has been made of environmental high-density fiber with aluminum holders to make YOHO stable and durable. The ergonomics design allows users to adjust heights and angles to provide a greatly comfortable use.

An USB cable management can be found in the base of the NT-111. This USB cable management allows users to store their USB power cord. Depending on using environments, the good design of YOHO allows users to use it on the bed, sofa or on the ground.

The practicality of YOHO Laptop Table is great, and its reasonable price makes it worth its value. YOHO laptop table is the most convenient choice for laptop cooling or as a small laptop table at home.

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4 Comments on EVERCOOL Announces the YOHO Laptop Table

What is the point of a desk if everything (except the lappy) is sliding off?
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Kevinheraiz said:
.... So they remade this, with a lip? Some people are running out of ideas.
haha thats what i thought too, but at least this design seems to be/looks stronger.
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I can't help but read "YOHO" in a pirate's voice . . .

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