Tuesday, March 20th 2012

AMD FX-8120 with Liquid Cooling Bundle Up For Pre-Order

AMD plans to sell bundles of its FX-8120 eight-core processors in the AM3+ package, along with AMD FX-branded self-contained liquid-cooling kits. The SKU is up for pre-order on Amazon, for US $383.5 (incl. shipping). The part-number for this chip+liquid-cooling bundle is "FD8120FRGUWOX". The liquid cooler is originally made by Asetek, combined with the unlocked base clock multiplier of the FX-8120, it facilitates high overclocking. The cooler is not just a dumb closed-loop, but also packs sensors that connect to the system over USB (internal USB 2.0 header), that let you monitor it via Chill Control software.

Source: CPU-World, Images from: our FX-8150 review, LegitReviews
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Juggalo23451 said:
The post you quoted I was to referring into overclocking and testing coolers
Ahhh ok now I understand. I have came close to buying a H100 or the other off brand 240 rad closed loop but haven't made up my mind. My case does have a neat RAD mounting box just calling my name.
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A little late to the party don't you think AMD. . .

(seemed appropriate)
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This price for this combo is pretty crazy. You can easily get an fx-8120 + a Corsair H80 or even a H100 for cheaper if you pricematch.
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This is way too overpriced... the cooling the cpu everything.
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