Monday, April 2nd 2012

Scythe Unveils Gouriki Mid-Range PSUs

Scythe Japan unveiled its Gouriki mid-range PSU series. Consisting of 500W (SPGRN-500), 600W (SPGRN-600), and 700W (SPGRN-700) models, the series consists of 80 Plus Bronze-certified PSUs with fixed-cabling. The cables are not sleeved, and the PSU's body doesn't have any paint. It appears, however, that Scythe tried to spin this to its advantage, by referring to it as a design element it calls "Naked Herculean Strength" (not a case of bad-translation, it's literally what Scythe prints on its PSUs).

All three models feature a single 12V rail design, and a compliance/feature-set that includes ATX12 Ver2.3/EPS 12V, OCP, OVP, OTP, SCP, and UVP. A 120 mm fan is employed to cool the units. PCI-Express power connectors include 6+2-pin and 6-pin power connectors for all models. The power connector loadouts of the three models differ only with the numbers of SATA and Molex connectors available. The 500W (SPGRN-500), 600W (SPGRN-600), and 700W (SPGRN-700) models are priced at 5,980, 6,980, 7,980 JPY, respectively (US $72, $84, $96, respectively).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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6 Comments on Scythe Unveils Gouriki Mid-Range PSUs

Cool, mid-range 80-Plus PSUs! Needs reviews and EU pricing.
btarunr said:
"Naked Herculean Strength"
I truly am reluctant to search that in google images.
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The pricing will be crucial here. But I must say their marketing team is not wasting any time. Not a bad idea after all. :)
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
The older Kamariki was a great value when that was on the market, I hope these ones are as well. In US dollars it looks like it's a big too expensive though, but it depends on the performance.
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its been a while i dont see silver coated psu, most come in black color but too bad they has no sleeving at all
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The pic showing the cables lengths was awesome, *every* PSU maker needs to do that! :pimp:
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