Wednesday, April 18th 2012

Digital Storm Debuts the Marauder Line for PC Gamers

Digital Storm, the predominant name in computer system integration and engineering, proudly introduces the Marauder line of high performance gaming PCs with a ground-breaking price. Designed with PC gamers in mind, the Marauder gaming line delivers an incredibly immersive gaming experience while being one of the most affordable gaming PCs ever offered by Digital Storm.

Gamers who have endured lag filled game-play with unimpressive low-resolution visuals finally can break free thanks to Digital Storm's Marauder gaming line, the first gaming PCs built around Corsair's Vengeance C70 chassis. No longer do gamers have to settle for sub-par performance because of a limited budget thanks to the Marauder's ground-breaking price.

"With this new line, we've set a new standard for the price versus performance ratio. Our engineers have always wanted to create a line of powerful gaming PCs that are within reach of every gamer," said Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm's Director of Product Development. "With complete systems starting at $799, this is the very first time Digital Storm has offered such an affordable gaming PC."

"Digital Storm is known for building dream PCs with leading-edge technology, uncompromising quality, and aggressive styling," said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Components Business Unit at Corsair. "So we are extremely honored that Digital Storm has selected the Corsair Vengeance C70 case as the perfect foundation for their new Marauder PCs."

Marauder systems are made with the same boutique level quality and care that every Digital Storm system is famous for. Prior to shipping to the customer, each Digital Storm system undergoes a rigorous 72-Hour Stress-Test. Digital Storm technicians stress-test and benchmark the system via industry standard testing software coupled with a proprietary testing process that detects components which can be prone to future failure.

To view Digital Storm's Marauder line of gaming PCs, click here:
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l3 and l4 are better but slow hdd 32mb cache
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
Way too over priced....
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This is like crap for the price of gold....
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hellrazor said:
This is like crap for the price of gold....
Well, if you add in a full case of good .223 or .556 ammunition (on a belt), it's getting closer to a good deal :laugh:
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why bother posting these anymore. nothing but negativity :( "I can build that for $5"
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