Wednesday, April 18th 2012

LEPA Introduces the G1600 80+ Gold Rated Power Supply

LEPA, a brand owned by Ecomaster, is proud to announce the launch of its flagship power supply - G1600 surpassing 80 PLUS Gold level. Delivering an incredible 1600 watts of continuous power (1700 W peak), G1600 is the highest wattage PSU with 80 PLUS Gold certification on the market. LEPA G1600 embodies the high standards in performance, efficiency and reliability, which makes it stand out from the rest easily.

Perfect for multi-GPU systems, heavy-duty workstations/servers, as well as industrial PCs, LEPA G1600 is built to satisfy the enthusiasts' ultimate needs. To handle systems which are demanding and power hungry, G1600 is equipped with high quality, durable components, and advanced technologies. G1600, only 18 cm in depth, features Full Bridge and Zero Voltage Switch (ZVS) topologies, not only reducing energy losses during transmission, but also maximizing efficiency up to 93 percent. Its six powerful +12V rails with high maximum loads provide great compatibility with high-end graphics cards. Last but not least, the hassle-free full modular cable management facilitates system upgrades and replacements.

LEPA G1600 is available in April, 2012 at a MSRP of US$329.99.

New LEPA G 1000/ 850/ 750/ 650 W hybrid-modular models will be available by end Q2, 2012.

Like G1600, new LEPA G1000/850/750/650 W variants with 80 PLUS Gold certification can deliver efficiency up to 93 percent (at 230V). The hybrid-modular models are designed for both professional system integrators and mainstream computer users, who care for premium, high efficient power solutions at affordable prices. The PSU housing comes in a decent scratch-resistant powder coating. This new 80 PLUS Gold certified PSU series features high quality solid state capacitors and all Japanese-made electrolytic capacitors to deliver superior stability. The models are equipped with a durable ball bearing fan with thermal programmed speed controller, delivering silent, cool operation. The LEPA G 1000/850/750/650 W models are compliant with 2013 EU ErP Lot 6 standards, which enables system achieve lower power consumption in standby mode.

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4 Comments on LEPA Introduces the G1600 80+ Gold Rated Power Supply

93% at those of us in NA, get what...

But still, I might need one soon.
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Steevo said:
93% at those of us in NA, get what...

But still, I might need one soon.
All gas appliances? Otherwise, might have enough headroom on your stove or dryer circuits to run this PS as well.

My central AC/heat died some time ago. Installed some in-wall units instead of replacing it all leaving a 60a 220v source in my broom/server closet :laugh:
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So agen, isn't thes ENERMAX 1500 w. + 2 mosfets maybe . want to see interial parts :nutkick:
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