Wednesday, May 2nd 2012

Sony Debuts First Ultrabook VAIO T Series

So thin, light and portable, the responsive new VAIO T Series is always ready for action - from campus and coffee shop to that crucial meeting.

Smartly styled in tough magnesium and aluminium, go-anywhere VAIO T Series is tailor-made to handle daily trips to the office or lecture theatre. Blending durability and performance, it's the first Ultrabook to proudly carry the VAIO name. Loaded with the latest technologies from Sony and Intel, VAIO T Series is crafted to help you get more done – and have more fun.

Available in 29.4 cm (11.6") or 33.7 cm (13.3") screen sizes, VAIO T Series slips effortlessly into your bag for easy carrying between home and work.

You're always ready for action: just open the Ultrabook lid and Rapid Wake + Eco gets you up and running in moments. When you need to take a break, close the lid and VAIO goes into an energy-efficient deep sleep, keeping your data stored safely for up to 90 days without running out of power.

There's plenty of battery power to last the working day. With up to 9 hours (SSD models) between charges, you've got the energy to attend meetings and lectures, work on documents and catch up with friends online.

Super stamina is matched with impressive productivity. You'll speed through coursework, presentations and more thanks to latest-generation Ultra Low Voltage Intel Core processors. Models configured with an ultra-fast SSD flash drive give you ultra-speed access to files around ten times faster than a standard hard disk drive. 'Hybrid' models offer the best of both worlds, using new Intel Smart Response Technology (iSRT) that teams fast SSD cache memory with a high-capacity HDD drive for fast boot times plus greater storage space.

Web pages, presentations and photos all look great with rich colours on the clear, bright VAIO Display. Browsing documents and your media collection is a pleasure, too. The large, button-free touchpad offers plenty of surface area for intuitive scroll, flick, pinch zoom and pivot gestures.

VAIO T Series is made for business with a generous complement of interfaces including HDMI, VGA and RJ45 network ports plus an SD/MMC media slot. You'll appreciate quick, easy hook-ups with monitors, projectors and more without the need to pack fiddly dongles or adaptors.

Video chats are more rewarding with the built-in 'Exmor for PC' HD web camera. Friends and family will enjoy a clearer picture of you, even at night under the dim lights of your bedroom.

VAIO T Series also delivers a richer, more entertaining audio experience that belies its slim, light looks. xLOUD and Clear Phase technologies boost volume levels without distortion for crisp, clear web chats, video clips and games.

There's no need to worry if your phone's short of juice while you're on the move: VAIO T Series makes a handy 'any time' charger for your smartphone if there's no AC socket nearby. Just plug in your phone via USB for a top-up - even when the computer is switched off or in sleep mode.

Editing, sharing and enjoying your media collection is even more of a pleasure with VAIO T Series. PlayMemories Home by Sony lets you add effortless polish to those HD video clips. Bundled at no extra charge, T Series also includes a fully-functioning version of Adobe Acrobat X Standard for easy creation and sharing of PDF documents.

Don't panic if your VAIO gets lost or stolen. It's protected by a 90-day trial of Intel Anti-Theft Service to make sure your personal data is safe from unauthorised usage. Built into the hardware of your VAIO, this smart security feature can detect potential theft and lock down your laptop to prevent access to your personal data.

There's a choice of style-matched accessories including carry case, soft travel pouch and wireless mini mouse to personalise and enhance VAIO T Series while you're on the move.

The VAIO T Series Ultrabook from Sony is available from this month in 29.4 cm (11.6") or 33.7 cm (13.3") screen sizes.
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10 Comments on Sony Debuts First Ultrabook VAIO T Series

one good thing about this ultrabook is Sony hasn't skimped on the connectivity options. Also it looks really gooooooood. :rockout:
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pr0n Inspector
Why buy this when Ivy Bridge is just around the corner?

Also expect prices to be around VAIO Z-level.
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Completely Bonkers
Looks nice, good connectivity, but 1366x768 is a bit "netbook" for a premium device. And I don't like screen-is-a-foot concept. Four feet planted on the ground, don't use the screen as a prop.
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pr0n Inspector said:
Why buy this when Ivy Bridge is just around the corner?

Also expect prices to be around VAIO Z-level.
Ivy Bridge is already here.

This has a really nice sleek look but I would have preferred a higher res screen.

They should have left out that vga and put in another usb
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No Ivy Bridge = fail.
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Horrid screen and Intel graphics combine to make this overpriced junk.
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1366x768 screen and a 5400RPM HDD? Ha. I don't buy SONY junk, so I'm glad I won't be missing much.
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I agree with everyone here. The screen is BS. If they are going to compete against the AirBook they need to up the screen res to at least 1440x900 and SSD standard.
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Sony i am disappoint, i guess they didn't want to compete with the VAIO SA with 1600x900 screen. Looks sexy though.
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If this is $750 at the most then it will be worth it. Anyone know what battery they are going to put in this?
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