Wednesday, May 2nd 2012

EVGA Develops Sleeved PCI-E Cable Adapters for Select Graphics Cards

EVGA developed a new accessory that could give the graphics card area a mean muscular look, without putting you through the grueling task of sleeving your PSU's cables. The Sleeved PCI-E Cable Adapter accessory by EVGA lets you extend the PCI-E cables of your PSU just enough that they could appear sleeved, when looked through the side-panel window. The contact between the adapter and your PSU's actual PCI-E power connectors can be tucked away behind the motherboard. Pictured below is an adapter that plugs in two 6-pin PCI-E connectors, and plugs out an 8-pin connector. For now, EVGA could bundle the accessory with select models of its graphics cards, it's likely that the part could make it to the accessories section of the EVGA online store, too.
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Don't Forget That It's For Select Graphics Cards And Made By EVGA; I'm Sure That This Will Also Supress Ripple From My PSU. Thanks EVGA!
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crazyeyesreaper said:
yea and whats your point? has no effect looks the same as if all cables were sleeved doesnt void my PSU's warranty lol

using a 24 Pin ATX, 8 Pin EPS, and had 4 6pin PCIe along side 2 fan extensions and 1 audio extension all sleeved sexy and ready to go, i cant complain did what i needed it to do

besides all this does is take 2 6 pins and makes and 8 pin whoop de do lulz :roll:
Point? um well if you want a custom look right out of your psu, then extensions really don't give you that.
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newtekie1 said:
Yep, and I have to admit, I fell in that category when I was still in college. I even went so far as to have a custom acrylic clear case made. The case now sits in my basement empty(anyone want it?!). Now none of my machines even have a window in them, I even took the window side panel out of my main machine and replaced it with a standard side panel. I just grew out of it I guess, and prefer a nice classy case.

Now at the same time I have to say a nice cable management job like MeanBruce posted is still to my liking, that does look classy, and I'd probably have a window in the case to show that off.
I still prefer monolithic black look.
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Chief Broken Rig
MeanBruce said:
Point? um well if you want a custom look right out of your psu, then extensions really don't give you that.
TRUE but my PSU isnt visible in my case, so yea... only time cables are visible is when connecting to the motherboard etc, thus extensions = fine, if i had a smaller simpler case then maybe but even then i wouldnt void my PSU warranty,

had a corsair HX 850 fail and kill 2 6970s and 3 HDDs, if i had custom sleeved cables Corsair wouldnt have been so understanding lulz, ill stick to extensions personally.

eitherway a sleeved 2x 6pin to 8 pin is nothing to get excited about.
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nice but if the cables look short, with short cable it less help for modder,
try about 30cm so we could hide it behind the tray
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Steevo said:
I still prefer monolithic black look.
Same here. With good feet, top mounted USB ports and dust filters and I'm all set.
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So, you use two of your PSU six-pin PCI-E connectors to supply an eight-pin (or 6+2) on the card?

And if your card needs an eight-pin (or 6+2) plus a six-pin, then you need another 'adapter' from a third PSU six-pin PCI-E connector on your PSU to match the looks of the eight-pin?

Seems like a waste.

I would not pay for that. If I needed it, I would make it myself.
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azzonie said:
This adapter made the news. It must be an extremly slow day.

its too short and the braiding quality looks crap
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