Thursday, May 10th 2012

EVGA Launches a Trio of GeForce GTX 670 Graphics Cards

EVGA introduced a trio of GeForce GTX 670 graphics cards, including a base model, a SuperClocked model, and a FTW (for the win) model. The base and SuperClocked models are further available in 2 GB and 4 GB variants. The base model sticks to NVIDIA reference clock speeds of 915/980/6008 MHz (core/boost/memory effective), the SuperClocked model offers 967/1046 MHz (core/boost), and FTW ups that to 1006/1084 MHz. The base and SuperClocked models utilize an EVGA-designed cooling solution and PCB, which closely resemble NVIDIA reference design; while the FTW model carries over the cooler and PCB from GeForce GTX 680, coupled with a high-flow bracket. The base model 2 GB and 4 GB are priced at US $399 and $469, respectively; the SuperClocked 2 GB and 4 GB go for $419 and $489, respectively; while the FTW 2 GB goes for $439.
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4 Comments on EVGA Launches a Trio of GeForce GTX 670 Graphics Cards

I can has the 4GB model and a full coverage block?
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good news is they use backplate to cover that tiny pcb
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Sorry for a bit delayed post on this (reading TP-U only on weekends) but I have to say this.

With all reference cards Launch should look like that:

1. Cards rolling out of factory.
2. Cards are packed into standard plain brown/grey boxes.
3. In store when customer ask for and EVGA or MSI card sellers give customer standardized box with card inside and then throwing free bunch of branded stickers with message:

"Put these stickers on and enjoy your brand new EVGA/MSI/ASUS/*.* whatever/ card"

* - pick the right one.

Just couldn't resist with a bit of funnies :D
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+ 1 on 4GB plus full coverage blocks :D
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