Friday, May 11th 2012

Belkin Announces Entry Into 802.11ac Wireless Networking Market

Belkin International, creators of people-inspired products and technology solutions, today announced plans to become one of the first to market with a line of wireless dual-band routers supporting the new 802.11ac wireless networking standard. New Belkin products will feature Broadcom's fifth generation (5G WiFi) 802.11ac chips, which enable speeds up to three times faster than existing 802.11n technology.

"802.11ac technology provides the wireless networking backbone needed to reliably handle the increasing amount of mobile devices and streaming content on today's home networks," said Mike Chen, senior director of networking at Belkin. "We are excited to partner with Broadcom to bring cutting-edge Wi-Fi products to market this summer that not only provide great speed and coverage, but also enhance the online streaming experience for videos, movies, and music throughout the home."
Featuring gigabit speeds wirelessly, 802.11ac is ideal for smartphones and tablets because it enables faster web downloads and file syncing with less drainage on battery life. More powerful than 802.11n, 5G WiFi also extends your home network range, giving you greater throughput and more reliable coverage at greater distances in the home so your mobile devices can be used in more locations.

"As a leader in mobile accessories and solutions, Belkin is strongly positioned to help drive the transition to the fifth generation of Wi-Fi," said Michael Hurlston, Broadcom's SVP of Wireless Combo Connectivity. "By incorporating Broadcom's 5G WiFi chips, Belkin's new products will improve home wireless range, provide faster video streaming, enable simultaneous connection of multiple devices to the network, and deliver broader coverage-all with a longer battery life. We're thrilled to partner with Belkin to help bring all the benefits of 5G WiFi to consumers."

For more information about 802.11ac and 5G WiFi, visit this page.
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3 Comments on Belkin Announces Entry Into 802.11ac Wireless Networking Market

Are those 802.11ac going to became garbage, now that the 802.11-2012 standard was approved?? As far as I know .11b and .11ac are only drafts specs, but the .11-2012 is the real deal. Speeds are also faster on the latest standard...
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802.11ac is still very relevant.
802.11-2012, is actually just a consolidation of a bunch of previous revisions (k, r, y, n, w, p, z, v, u, s) based on the 2007 standard.

.ac is still newer, and still provides higher bandwidth (Gigabit+) over the 5GHz band as opposed to .mb/-2012 (600Mb) which deals with signalling enhancements and enabling the 3.65-3.7GHz band (this was actually 802.11y, which was merged into the -2012 document)
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and it would last mabye 6 hours.... sis had a belkin that only lasted less then a day...

if you get it enjoy the speed for 10 minutes and then *poof*
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