Thursday, May 24th 2012

Samsung Debuts the S27B970 27-Inch QHD Monitor

Samsung Electronics has just launched (in South Korea first) a brand new, high-grade consumer monitor, the Premium Smart Monitor 970 aka the S27B970. Seen below, this 27-inch display features a PLS (Plane to Line Switching) panel with 178/178 degree viewing angles, a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, a 5 ms response time, 300 cd/m2 maximum brightness, DVI, HDMI (with MHL support) and DisplayPort connectors, a 2-port USB hub, plus built-in speakers.

The S27B970 comes with a three-year warranty and costs about $1,177 (in South Korea).
Source: Samsung
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15 Comments on Samsung Debuts the S27B970 27-Inch QHD Monitor

Ferrum Master
I am just here for the girl... I admit

Cristian_25H has a fine taste... :D

But MHL support?

Does it mean it have a special USB connector that could be connected to phone/tab without the special converter cable?
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why is the bezel so big...this looks like it was built for apple, yet no thunderbolt input
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For 1K $ this need to be strong therefore big bezel! ;)
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So, will it run 75Hz and up?

Agreed on the bezel comments. I do not care how uselessly thin the screen looks from the side. They should try minimizing the plastic you see from the front.
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And for that price we can get a dell 2560 x 1600... also I really wish samsung would use their hdtv bezeless design like their 8000 series.
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I still want a catleap
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~Technological Technocrat~
james888I still want a catleap
and its a lot lot cheaper then this monitor too!
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True the catleap is cheaper but this display is better with 5ms etc and its a Samsung.
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Delta6326True the catleap is cheaper but this display is better with 5ms etc and its a Samsung.
I can afford a catleap. I can't afford or justify the samsung.
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non IPS but still expensive..only samsung use PLS technology,same with SA27850D only diffrent desain
korean monitor 27" 2560x1440 $400 very good deal
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Raise your hand if you noticed the monitor *after* the pretty girl in that one pic? :pimp:
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cheap korean monitors have spoiled me :P
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