Tuesday, June 5th 2012

Patriot Memory Releases New Viper 3 High Performance DRAM

Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash, storage and enthusiast computer products today introduces their new Viper 3 memory series.

Specifically engineered for rock solid performance in the most demanding computer environments, Patriot Memory's Viper 3 Series is designed with true power users in mind. Available in a customized four color line up with specific performance variants, the Viper 3 Series will offer a wide range of performance solutions. Leading the pack, the Black Mamba will feature speeds from 1600 MHz up to 2133 MHz at 1.5 volts for increased stability and endurance. Providing speeds of 1600 MHz up to 2133 MHz, the Venom Red and Sapphire Blue modules will offer true killer high performance for enthusiast gaming and the most demanding applications. With full Intel XMP certification, the Sapphire Blue will be the ultimate gaming solution for use with Intel platforms and overclocking profiles. Offering an eco-friendly solution, the Jungle Green modules will feature a power draw of only 1.35 volts.

The Patriot Memory Viper 3 Series utilizes a custom designed high performance heat shield with superior heat dissipation for rock solid stability and reliability, even when used with the most taxing applications. The Viper 3 Series is built from only high quality materials and hand tested to ensure compatibility with Intel and AMD processors. Available in dual and quad channel kits, up to 32 GBs and in single 4 GB and 8 GB DIMMs, Patriot Memory's Viper 3 modules are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Cold Storm
As long as the heat spreaders stay on, I'll be happy..
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