Wednesday, June 6th 2012

Warm Tek Also Shows off "Pangolin" Heatsink Design Concept

The next big heatsink design at Warm Tek is called Pangolin C1-6. Its design stays true to the design principle of the Hedgehog series, in which each individual heat dissipation surface makes direct contact with the CPU, eliminating the need for heat-pipes (Warm Tek calls this seamless direct conduction). While the Hedgehog series heatsinks uses copper rods, the Pangolin C1-6 uses copper sheets which are tightly stacked up at the base, and fan-out upwards. The exposed copper sheets are treated with anti-oxidants at the factory. Like with the Hedgehog, it's purely pressure holding the sheets together, and the heatsink is weld-free. Although designed primarily for fan-less setups, a fan-clip is being worked on.
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Nick [D]vB

Zalman did a sink like this about 10 years ago.

They worked pretty well with small fan's in push-pull on either side.

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I play games
This looks alot better than their "Blonde Hedgehog"
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Surely these end up being more expensive to put into systems than any other type of heatsink.
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Looks like it weighs a ton! The fins are so dense, it's almost a solid block of copper... Also, it's useless to build a heat sink with a lot of surface area but no way for air to circulate around most of it.
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Now, that's a lot of Copper !
But, wth ? At least even the spacing between the sheets.
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It would be more impressive if were made using skiving instead of just sandwiching the plates together.
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It'll prolly will break you motherboard....
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It looks a bit shabby to me, for a start you'd want a really smooth base for contact to the cpu loads of seperate edges arent gonna do that, and the spacing isnt even so some are probs touching lessening the usefulness.
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Hmm, that Pangolin doesn't look very Precise...
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I see what you did there...]Ubuntu 12.04

And I see that while testing the link in this post, that the Humble Indie Bundle 5 is in the Ubuntu Software Center. Nice move.
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They are re-inventing the existing stuff. Welcome to year 2000, it has already been done chaps!
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Indeed, there are already so many heatsinks like that.
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