Thursday, June 7th 2012

Workers Riot at Foxconn Chengdu iPhone/iPad Plant

If televised visits by Apple's top-brass to Foxconn's manufacturing facilities, and commitments to improve working conditions were mere PR exercises meant to cover up the issue of dismal working conditions, they failed. About 1,000 workers at Foxconn's manufacturing facility at Chengdu rioted on a large scale, which took the police several hours to subdue. According to media reports, the riot started when the facility guards were trying to stop a thief, while other workers who held grudges against the guards prevented them from catching the thief. Soon, the situation went out of control, as 1,000 workers started a riot. The workers were seen chucking pots, pans, garbage, and even fireworks from their dormitory windows. Public facilities sustained damage, the police made several arrests. The episode reveals that worker-management relations, at least at the Chengdu plant, which manufactures a massive amount of iPhone and iPad products for Apple, are at a breaking point.

Sources: WantChinaTimes, VR-Zone
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You know, ancient China is a very great country. But now, IMO, I don't think so.
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HossHuge said:
The Philippines extradited 10 Taiwanese to China last year and not back to Taiwan. So should I be saying bad stuff about The Philippines?
That was done as response to Taiwan limiting the entry of legal Filipino workers. You reap what you sow. All we've done was respond, whether it was that debacle with Taiwan (which the government doesn't officially even recognizes LOL) or with mainland China (Scarborough Shoal; even Taiwan apparently makes the same claims too LOL).
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Dent1 said:
Like in China, as a foreign guy I could go to the most upper-class seafood restaurant in town without reservation and dine on a 3 course meal. Have a constant flow of beer and tea and struggle to spend 60 Yuan, which is equivalent to £6 in English money. In contrast in England I would have to reserve a table, turn up in a suit and tie and squint when the bill arrives because it will be in the ballpark of £100.

You can rent a top class hotel for 100 Yuan a night which is about £10 in English money. The equivalent hotel in England would be closer to £80 a night.

For this reason, many people have decided to emigrate from Europe to South East Asia to live like a millionaire!
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please stop the bs and go revolutionize your countries.
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Resident Wat-man
TheLaughingMan said:
Do you like to cannibalize homeless people's faces? We don't need real zombies, damn it! ;)
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