Wednesday, July 4th 2012

Final Fantasy VII PC Revamp Confirmed

Square Enix recently commented that it wouldn't dare remake Final Fantasy VII until it had surpassed it with a new FF. If you, like me, are a PC gamer with no real connection to the series and have no idea why it's so beloved, you'll seen get to see for yourself, as Square Enix today confirmed the leak that the JRPG's been revamped for a PC re-release. Final Fantasy VII was released for PC back in 1998, but is a bit tricky to get ahold nowadays and disagrees somewhat with modern hardware and operating systems. As well as, presumably, not requiring fiddling and fussing to run on your shiny modern PC, the revamp boasts new features. It'll pack 36 achievements for you to collect, cloud saves so you can keep your progress across multiple computers, and a new 'Character Booster' which lets you boost your HP, MP and Gil levels to the max and get on with the game. Plus, of course, it doesn't require a ton of fiddling to get working. When will you get to play it? "Soon" is all Square Enix has to offer. Curiously, the publisher says it'll be available "exclusively" on its own store, but surely it wouldn't be that daft in this modern wonderful of digital distribution? Hit the official site for more information.

Source: Shacknews
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Big Member
The last FF I played was Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES. I have never played one sense. If this does hit steam Ill have to give it a go.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
I've never played and FF game in my life, though I want to play they ones on SNES as they look pretty good.
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TheMailMan78 said:
The last FF I played was Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES
Well you played the best then. Still waiting for a remake of that with updated graphics :)
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This is gonna be a great game on PC, i played it on Play Station 11 years ago and FF8, epic game.
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Achivements, DLC, checkpoint saves...Is it me or this are THE WORST inventions in the game history????
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Better not be a $40 title.
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Here is my list of demands

I want more than achievements and cloud saves. I want reworked graphics and recorded fully orchestrated music that does not use midi files. To play Final Fantasy 7 at 1080p or dare I say 2560 * 1600 would be great. I still have the orginal PC Final Fantasy 7 and it is kinda fun to try all kinds of crazy soundfonts to try to get the music to sound realistic but I'd rather not do that. It only had 640 * 480 3D graphics and terrible 320 * 240 cinematics. Do it right this time. Please!!!!:toast:
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Prima.Vera said:
Achivements, DLC, checkpoint saves...Is it me or this are THE WORST inventions in the game history????
Checkpoint saves are in a lot of games from that area. Achievements and DLC is the work of the devil though.

(ok sometimes achievements make sense, but often it feels like it's something plastered on as an afterthought, and DLC's can make sense as well, but then we have games like Dragon Age that just ruins everything)
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Can stop playing a modded high-res FF7, and start playing a (hopefully) even higher res FF7!

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Semi-Retired Folder
Awesome, I love FF7.
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Yay! I just got a controller that is a replica of a Playstation controller for Street Fighter X Tekken. It's perfect for when this will come out. :) This will be the first time I'll finish an RPG for the 4th time but I don't care. Bring it on!!! Oh and :respect: Square
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Cold Storm
I can't wait for it.. even if there not going to redo the graphics till another FF game trumps that... I have bought it on every system I can, and will continue to do so..


Announcement trailer

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NinkobEi said:
Better not be a $40 title.
For FF7 on PC I'll pay $60 no question.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
I kidna wish they revamped Anachronox (while on the subject of JRPGs).
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If this comes anywhere close to the level of detail in FF7 Crisis Core then I will have to pick it up but if they just did a half assed job redoing the graphics of the original Ill have to pass.
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Not really a revamp since it's still essentially just a port and Square Enix have more or less stopped making any games.
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The graphics looks very primitive in the trailer IMO. Is this the revamped graphics? Does it even count as HD? I know the game will support high resolutions but the 3D models still look like Sh**. :Sigh: I had some high hopes.
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i loved ff7, might pick it up if its a major revamp with some extras, but based on that trailer, I'm pretty sure their are graphical mods for the game already that make it look better than that so thats a no go.

its sad to see square like this because the game was released for PC years ago and their still milking cloud for all hes worth, if they're gonna re release the game then do it justice square . . . . .. .
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I hope they make a vragant story 2 on pc
That title was sold to FF just to make so many titles after
I think people will like this one, only because of nostalgia
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
the only FF i played was the first one for NES. awesome.
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Dj-ElectriC said:
Wow this is so cheesy... ^
Have you seen the original commercials?

This one made a promise it couldn't keep:

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Come on Sega...release Skies of Arcadia HD on PC when they release this!

Honestly I always wanted to play FF7 but before I could buy it, the game was so spoiled by everyone I knew plus the magazines at the time that I just put it off till I finally forgot about it.
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