Monday, July 16th 2012

GeForce GTX 660 Arrives Mid-August: Report

NVIDIA's newest product designed to strike the price-performance "sweetspot," the GeForce GTX 660, is set for a mid-August market launch, according to a SweClockers report. The new chip could roll out some time between August 13 and 19. Given that other Kepler-based SKUs have been launched on Tuesdays or Thursdays, it's likely that the launch date could be either the 14th, or the 16th. The GTX 660 will be based on the 28 nm "GK104" GPU. It will feature 1,344 or 1,152 CUDA cores, and a 192-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, holding 1.5 GB of memory, according to the report. The new GPU could capture a crucial sub-$300 price-point.

Sources: SweClockers, VideoCardz
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INSTG8R said:
Fair enough its a Ghz 7870 then?
I don't really get what you mean there, all 7870's are Ghz edition.
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Benetanegia said:
I don't really get what you mean there, all 7870's are Ghz edition.
Meaning that it has higher clocks than the stock 7970's 925Mhz so the graph makes sense. :)
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Since going from ATI to Nvidia all I can say is that I am a Nvidia fanboi now. Sure nvidia cards might be more expensive than ATI cards, but they run more stable, feel way smoother in games and don't overheat like PoS ati cards (my last 2 cards had overheating issues). I think ATI is just a tight ass option and this time around I decided to spend the extra and go with the green. ATI just look good on paper but in reality its like buying the cheap chinese TV vs the Nice Japanese made TV.
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