Tuesday, August 21st 2012

CM Storm Scout II Teased

Some of our reliable sources passed on teaser pictures of CM Storm's upcoming case for LAN party-animals, the Scout II. The new case will retain the core design principle of portability, including the distinct handles that let you carry the case around. The new Scout II will pack features that make its innards "transport-ready" (more shock-resistant). Its handles will be reinforced with steel beams that are probably connected to the case' main frame.

The CM Storm Scout II will be an ATX mid-tower case, supporting extra-long graphics cards, including NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 and AMD Radeon HD 7990 (if it ever comes to be). Much like the original, it will feature windowed side-panels to let your show off your gear. The teaser pictures reveal the case to be heavily ventilated, with large cutouts for water-cooling plumbing. The case will be officially launched towards end of September.
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Looks good, hope it has a nice internal brace system for GPUs as no one likes a torn PCI-E slot after taking a speed bump to hard.
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had original scout long time back, cant wait for the 2nd installment. :respect:
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Scout was an amazingly good case for its size, it was small for transport, but held a lot of big hardware!

Poll is missing an option: Yes, using my notebook.
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Sinzia said:
Poll is missing an option: Yes, using my notebook.
added. back when i was going to lan parties almost nobody has a notebook and gaming on them seemed impossible :)
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hope for a 3x120 mm rad on the top
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I miss LAN parties...last one I went to was for UT99 back when it was popular. Yeah, that long ago. Was fun times.
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i go to a lan party and i take with me a full server racket
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I only ever went to one LAN party and it was at my mates house. My god that was fun. Wish we did it more often/sooner than we did. Shame most of us have now gone our separate ways. :(
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Well they didn't show us much, but I am excited to see more.
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