Monday, September 24th 2012

Toshiba Unveils a Fleet of New Canvio Series HDDs

Toshiba unveiled a fleet of new models in its Canvio line of consumer storage products. These include the new Canvio Slim line of compact portable HDDs, updated Canvio Desk series external HDD with increased capacity, and updated Canvio (mainline) portable HDDs. Measuring just 75 x 107 x 9 mm (WxDxH) and weighing 115 g, the Canvio Slim is designed to complement Ultrabooks. It embeds a 7 mm-thick 500 GB hard drive. Built with brushed-aluminum bodies, the Canvio Slim will be available in graphite-black (model: HD-SA50GK) and silver (model: HD-SA50GS). The Canvio Slim takes advantage of USB 3.0, with a single cable for power and host connectivity. The Canvio Slim is slated for late-October

Moving on, Toshiba's capacious Canvio Desk line is updated to include a 2 TB variant (models: HD-EA20TK (black) and HD-EA20TW (black&white)), along with the 1 TB variant. The Canvio Desk uses an external power supply, and uses USB 3.0 for snappy host connectivity. The Canvio Desk measures 167x 129 x 42 mm (WxHxD). These are slated for late-November. Lastly, Toshiba's mainline Canvio series of portable hard drives will be expanded to include 1.5 TB, 1 TB, 750 GB, and 500 GB models, with black, silver, and white color options. The 1.5 TB variant is 3 mm thicker than the others, which measure 119 x 79 x 13.5 mm (WxHxD). The new Canvio (mainline) drives join Canvio Slim for a late-October launch.
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I just got a hold of a 750GB Canvio 3.0 2.5" drive, was $64 which I didn't think was bad. Well, I actually bought 4, needed 3 for work (and got one for myself), and sent out two UPS filled up with 400GB of data. All worked flawlessly, albeit slow on USB 2.0 :rolleyes: I have a USB 3.0 PCIe card arrving today or tomorrow, and eager to see how it performs.

My only gripes are the length of the cable, and that the plug into the drive is proprietary. Drive runs cool and silent, even after a few hours of hard activity.

As for lifespan? I guess we'll see...
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