Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

Galaxy GeForce GTX 650 Ti GC Listed

Galaxy's upcoming GeForce GTX 650 Ti GC (model: 65IGH8DL7AXX) factory-overclocked graphics card was listed (later deactivated) by American retailer Newegg.com for US $149.99. The sale page revealed quite a few details about the card. The specifications listed beat those which have been doing rounds for the past couple of weeks. According to the specs, the GTX 650 Ti in fact has 768 CUDA cores, and not 576, as previously believed. The GPU core is clocked at 966 MHz, with 5.40 GHz (GDDR5-effective) memory. The card packs 1 GB of memory across a 128-bit wide memory interface. Pictured below is Galaxy's GeForce GTX 650 GC (non-Ti, GK107-based), according to the source, the Galaxy GTX 650 Ti GC (GK106-based) looks very similar.
Source: VideoCardz
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Man graphics cards are becoming so tiny!
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This specs make much more sense. I wonder if the previous story about 576 SPs was the result of a freudian slip by the mole who revealed the card to the writer: the info posted was that GTX 650 Ti would be "like a GTX660 but with an entire GPC disabled" with the mole's uncosciousness thinking "as oposed to the GTX660 which only has one SMX disabled", something that Nvidia denies but many of us think it's the case. Just like with the GTX460, a fully enabled hypothetical GK106 (6 SMX, 1152 SP) wouldn't have made any sense for Nvidia right now, because it would overlap with the 660 Ti and it's simply better to save the part for a future 760 or something.

EDIT: Hmm, tho maybe a simpler theory would be that GK06 yields are very good and so instead of using defective chips for 650 Ti, they HAVE to actually disable the required parts. If such is the case they can effectively disable whichever part they want, instead of going by which SMX fails and as such they can disable the GPC which supposedly contains a single SMX in every chip, knowing that yields are still going to be very good regardless.

That's just my 2 theories about the weird numbers. And honestly I still believe in the first one more, because I swear I will not believe that the design was to include 3 GPCs, one of them only containing 1 SMX.
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