Tuesday, October 9th 2012

NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 650 Ti

NVIDIA announced its newest (and probably last) addition to its GeForce Kepler desktop GPU family, the GeForce GTX 650 Ti. Based on the 28 nm GK106 silicon, the GPU packs 768 CUDA cores, 64 TMUs, 16 ROPs, and a 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface (exactly half that of the GTX 680). The GTX 650 Ti lacks GPU Boost, its core is clocked at 925 MHz, and memory at 1350 MHz (5.40 GHz GDDR5-effective). 1 GB is the standard memory amount, though partners could release premium 2 GB variants. The reference-design board implements a 2+1 phase VRM, which draws power from a single 6-pin PCIe power connector. Display outputs include a pair of dual-link DVI, and HDMI 1.4a. NVIDIA's partners are allowed to release custom-design and factory-overclocked models from the word go. Prices start at US $149.99.
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