Friday, October 19th 2012

TGT Big Bang Version 1.1.0 Released

TGT is proud to announce an improved version of TGT's tuning utility BigBang, developed by TGT's software engineering team. The TGT BigBang 1.1.0 tuning utility for NVIDIA based video cards, has been released and is ready for download now. New features include a profile manager to define and load up to four different user profiles with a mouse click. Profiles include commands, GPU settings and/or Gamma settings. One of the profiles can be set to be automatically loaded with TGT BigBang. TGT BigBang does not write into your Windows registry. Instead, profiles are stored in readable text files.

TGT BigBang works with all graphics cards based on an NVIDIA GTS 450 GPU or faster (Fermi/Kepler). TGT BigBang has been designed to also take particular advantage of NVIDIA's latest GPU generation with Kepler architecture. TGT BigBang supports up to 8 GPUs in a system.
DOWNLOAD: TGT BigBang 1.1.0 | User Guide
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