Tuesday, October 23rd 2012

ASRock is First to Offer Intel Smart Response Technology on X79 Motherboards

Have you ever wondered why Intel Smart Response Technology is missing from the X79 chipset feature support list? It could have been fate, a conspiracy, a sacrifice for world peace, or merely an accident? At the headquarters of ASRock Inc., instead of screaming why through gritted teeth, we said why not and decided to fix this against all odds! Now ASRock is proud to announce that our X79 Extreme11 is the world's first X79 platform to support Intel Smart Response Technology. By downloading the new driver and upgrading to the latest BIOS, ASRock X79 Extreme11 users may reunite with Intel Smart Response Technology.

Just to refresh your memory in case you forgot, Intel Smart Response Technology makes your solid state drive function as the cache for your hard disk drives, so that you may possess the speed of solid state drives and the capacity of hard disk drives simultaneously. Users can update the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver (ver. or 11.6) and P1.60 BIOS to witness the speed boost by Intel Smart Response Technology right now.


P1.60 BIOS:

ASRock X79 Extreme11 is the most powerful motherboard on earth. It uses an abundant 24 + 2 Power Phase Design, eight SAS2/SATA3 ports from LSI SAS2308 that goes up to 6.0 Gb/s, 2 PLX PEX 8747 bridge chips to support 4-Way SLI or CrossFire in x16/16/16/16 mode. And now it's the world's first X79 motherboard to support Intel Smart Response Technology! ASRock has proven once again that we are committed to bring cut edge technology closer to people, and not only with top end products. We are also planning to release Intel Smart Response Technology on all other X79 motherboards, so that every ASRocker can enjoy the trendiest technology.

View how to install Intel SRT on ASRock's X79 Extreme11:

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For some reason I always thought X79 PCH featured RST. You learn something new each day.
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I guess this is progress.

Still, I think most if not all Asus X79 motherboards shipped with an in-house proprietary version of SSD caching from day one. In addition to that the Asus version supported the use of SSD models greater then 64GB (in other words would use more then 64GB). Intel Smart Response Technology is a great option to have though. I still waiting to see TRIM support on RAID 0 configurations on X79 boards.

It would be nice to see Intel Thunderbolt on X79 motherboards as well but I know that would violate the spec.
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nice, tho i thought people who get this type of board would have the budget to get a dedicated SSD to run most of the programs there already instead of using it as cache
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So, it really has RAID Option ROM 11.6.1702. Very nice.
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The Exiled Airman
GO ASROCK!, Kick Ass and Take Names in Both CPU Camps!
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