Monday, October 29th 2012

ADATA Announces Q3 2012 Financial Results

ADATA Technology today announced financial results for the third quarter of 2012. Total revenue on a consolidated basis for the third quarter was NT$7,133 million, an increase of 4.51% quarter-on-quarter. Gross margin declined from the previous quarter, from 7.15% to 5.95%. Net income after tax was NT$34.9 million, a decrease of 78.82% quarter-on-quarter. Based on 211 million outstanding shares, earnings per share was NT$0.17.

Accumulated revenue for three sequential quarters ending September 30, 2012 was NT$ 21.03 billion, a decrease of 3.79% year-on-year. Gross margin, net income after tax, and earnings per share for three sequential quarters were 7.56%, NT$489 million, and NT$2.32 respectively.

Although ADATA's total revenue for three sequential quarters of 2012 declined 3.79% compared to the same period in 2011, due to weak global economy and a downtrend in memory prices, the company's 2012 profitability is higher than in 2011. As Windows 8 devices and new tablets launch in Q4, the company expects DRAM prices will rebound from recent lows, and that NAND Flash supply and demand will remain stable.

ADATA 2012/Q3 Consolidated Financial Summary:
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