Wednesday, November 21st 2012

Be Quiet! Announces System Power S7 Series PSUs

Be quiet!, market leader for power supplies in Germany for six years in a row, announced today the release of its new power supply line for system builders. The new System Power S7 series consists of seven models ranging from 300 Watts up to 700 Watts and is therefore perfectly suited for the needs of all professional PC system integrators (SIs) whether it's a high-end workstation or a low price entry level system. The S7 series now offers both improved power efficiency with the 80 PLUS Silver certification on most models and more stable voltages thanks to new Active Clamp topology.

In today's aggressive PC computing environment SIs need to have a competitive advantage . Their customers demand the best price-performance-ratio available along with a list of important features. be quiet! has designed this new line to meet that demand and offers a wide variety of power levels and features to help the system builder tailor a system to every customer's needs. be quiet! also leads the way in delivering the newest technology to this market by bringing the 80PLUS Silver certification and Active Clamp topology down to a practical price range.
System Power S7 offers rock-solid voltages including a full 96% of rated power level available for 12 Volt consumption insuring worry-free compatibility. Additionally the German company has included the up-to-date safety and regulatory standards you'd expect to find in a state-of-the-art power supply. The custom 120 millimeter is in keeping with the be quiet! name and makes the PSU whisper quiet; another advantage for SIs.

"We are excited to be able to offer high-end features like the new Active Clamp topology and best in class efficiency up to 80PLUS Silver certification to professional system builders. More and more customers are demanding eco-friendly systems with good energy efficiency. Now these SIs have the tools to meet these requirements along with our legendary reputation for making silent PCs possible." said Scott Richards, Global Brand Director for be quiet!.

System Power S7 will roll out on November 21st and will be available in 300, 350, 400 Watt models with 80 Plus Bronze certification. The 450, 500, 600 and 700 Watt versions provide 80 Plus Silver certification. For more information, refer to the data sheet.
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~Technological Technocrat~
The problem with BeQuiet! Is that they dont promote themselves enough in Europe (and possibly worldwide) BeQuiet! products are available here in the UK, but normally in very very very limited stock and its as such there are 3-4 Corsair PSU units to every 1 BeQuiet! PSU which means BeQuiet doesnt even get a look.

BeQuiet! make some solid products. They could even be a cure for cancer for all people care when turn them on but nobody gives a f**k because they aint widely stocked.

We even have a BeQuiet! rep at TPU but he doesnt post nor does any member of TPU post in his section because probably less then 2% of TPU population have any products from BeQuiet!

Of course Id like to break the corsair mold and go with another company when it comes to building a new pc or replacing my PSU. but Enermax, Corsair, OCZ, Thermaltake and Antec steal all the limelight. Hell....people know of XFX PSUs more the BeQuiet! and XFX havent been in the PSU business for very long at all.
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I think they're doing better in the UK. Scan, Ebuyer, Aria, Kikatek and KustomPC all carry their PSUs, while their fans seem to be available from even more places. Personally, I plan on getting a Dark Power Pro 550w for my new build.

They certainly need more presence in the US, though (deservedly).
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